Stellar Gateway Chakra

stellar gateway chakra

The Divine Gateway (Stellar Gateway) Chakra

Chakras are energy centers located throughout the human body that are associated with different physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being. The chakra system consists of seven primary chakras that run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. In addition to these seven chakras, there are also two higher spiritual chakras known as the Divine Gateway (Stellar Gateway) and the Soul Star Chakras. 

The Divine Gateway chakra is located just above the crown chakra, 18 inches above the head, and is associated with the color white or gold. It is sometimes referred to as the Stellar Gateway chakra because it is said to be the gateway to the cosmos and the source of our spiritual connection to the universe. 

When your lower chakras are ready, this mighty flower opens so that you can access divine energy. 

In literal terms, “Stellar” means related to the stars, and “gateway” refers to an opening that can be closed by a gate. Thus, this stellar gateway chakra is actually the gateway to the stars or higher vibrations. 

Location and Symbolism

The Divine Gateway chakra is located just above the crown chakra and is often described as being outside the physical body. It is associated with the symbol of a star, which represents the light and energy of the cosmos. 

The Stellar Gateway chakra is the 12th chakra of the 12 chakra system, it’s a multi-faceted light, known as the chakra of Universal Consciousness. It allows us to transcend the mundane to reach enlightenment with the Divine. 

It allows us to stretch beyond our common sphere of understanding into Universal Unity with All That Is. It’s said that it’s the chakra of mastery of the soul’s purpose through our human experience. 

Characteristics of the Divine Gateway Chakra

The purpose of the Divine Gateway chakra is to connect us to the divine and the infinite. It is the chakra that is responsible for our spiritual development and our connection to higher consciousness. When this chakra is balanced and open, we are able to access our intuition and psychic abilities and connect with the universe on a deeper level. 

The energy associated with the Divine Gateway chakra is pure consciousness and pure light. It is the energy of the cosmos and the universal consciousness that connects all things. When this energy is flowing freely through the chakra, we are able to tap into our spiritual potential and experience higher states of consciousness. 

The 12th chakra contains the ascension energies which are used at the proper times to bathe all other chakras below it in ascension energy and cause them to accelerate faster than light. This eventually results in the annihilation of the physical body and the manifestation of the light body in its place. At this point, you are fully ascended and can go anywhere in the Universe. 

The Stellar Gateway holds your monadic energy, and contains the sum of all your experiences. Your monad is 12th dimensional. It’s your divine original spark and the true essence of who you are. As you become ready to bring this higher energy into your daily life, you simultaneously access Source energy. You experience the ultimate consciousness- true oneness. 

When the divine gateway chakra is imbalanced, we may feel disconnected from our spiritual selves and experience a lack of purpose or direction in our lives. Physical symptoms of an imbalanced Divine Gateway chakra can include headaches, migraines, and other neurological issues. 

When the Stellar Gateway Chakra is Activated

This chakra is a cosmic doorway to all the Light densities. The Stellar Gateway chakra and the Soul Star chakra are portals through which very high frequency light can enter our etheric body. 

Opening the 12th chakra allows us direct access to Source, letting divine spiritual insight enter us. This is filtered down by the Soul Star chakra, but can only be activated in conjunction with the Earth Star chakra, in order to ground and connect us to the Earth. 

This chakra enhances communication with enlightened beings existing beyond the physical realm and facilitates conscious access of the ascension chakras. 

The Spiritual Gifts of the Stellar Gateway Chakra

The 11th chakra contains the advanced skills that the 12 chakra releases. Skills like, out of body experiences outside of the solar system, and out of body travel beyond 200 years, healing of Self and of others, sometimes instantaneous healing, or at least very quickly. Telekinesis and teleportation are also possible, but these two don’t show themselves until just prior to ascension energies completing its ascension process. 

Control over natural elements can also be developed (air, water, fire and Earth) to an advanced degree when this chakra begins opening. 

The 12th chakra is the doorway to the cosmos and beyond. Because of this, many of the skills released here are meant to be used off Earth and beyond. Any form of problem associated with these skills can be caused by an incorrectly wired 11th chakra. What you are likely to see here are blocked ascension energies. 

Blocked ascension energies can cause very strange problems, like spontaneous uncontrolled out of body experiences, uncontrolled spontaneous movement of objects, and appearing and disappearing objects, uncontrolled healing abilities, uncontrolled inner visions that disrupt the natural flow of the day. 

What happens is the energy backs up and when it gets strong enough, it bursts through and over-energizes the 11th chakra, releasing these skills quickly and unintentionally. 

The Expanded Stellar Gateway Chakra

As our angels, guides, and other beings of light observe our progress, they have the pleasure of watching our light bodies blossom with our soul essence. An incredibly bright light shines from our 5th dimensional chakra column as it draws in the higher vibrations from all corners of the universe. 

Every human’s chakra system emits a unique light as it radiates their individual soul mission for that lifetime. The task of the Stellar Gateway is to connect the individual soul in a physical body to the source of light from which they originate. This is the star or planet of origin. 

When we had only 7 operational chakras, our Crown Chakra was in charge of receiving and processing all the inflow of information provided to us. As we progress into the 5th dimensional way of living, the Stellar Gateway takes this role. When it becomes active at the start of the ascension process, all our energy systems start to reroute their flow of light and power. 

The Stellar Gateway has the power to transcend all dimensional boundaries of time and space. Its job is to provide us with frequencies that extend way beyond our current physical capacity. It’s capable of accepting light from a 9th dimensional source and toning it down to a level that is comfortable for us. 

The 5th dimensional expanded Stellar Gateway chakra is a beautiful golden-orange color when first anchored and activated and it’s overseen by the Lord of Light, Archangel Metatron. Metatron is the creator of all known light in our universe. 

During the early stages of our ascension journey he carefully pours light into this chakra to nurture our expansion. When the process is anchored, he stands back to allow us to expand at a rate that is in harmony with our soul mission. 

The Stellar Gateway expands rapidly in the second stage of our ascension process. Many souls are currently at this level. The golden-orange color takes a brighter hue at this stage, as it’s filled with the higher frequencies of Christ Consciousness and the chakra constantly changes shape.

Depending on our individual dynamism, it will form intricate sacred geometric shapes to magnetize the correct energies to the light body. These energies are always linked to the star or planetary system which our soul originates from. This ensures that the highest level of support is provided for us while we are on Earth. 

Our soul may consciously send out requests for light and information, and our stellar gateway chakra will fulfill these requests. It also independently seeks out cosmic information for our soul growth. It’s drawn to all sources of pure light in the vast reaches of space. This helps to draw new experiences to us for our learning process here on Earth. 

When working like this, it forms a bright golden chalice with beautiful golden threads of light spreading up from it up through the dimensions of time and space. 

Techniques for Activating and Balancing the Divine Gateway Chakra

There are several techniques that can be used to activate and balance the Divine Gateway chakra, including meditation, yoga, and affirmations. 

Meditation techniques for the Divine Gateway chakra often involve visualizing a bright, white light flowing down from the cosmos and into the chakra. This can help to open the chakra and allow the energy of the universe to flow through it. 

Yoga poses that are beneficial for the Divine Gateway chakra include inversions such as headstands and shoulder stands, as well as meditation postures such as lotus pose and the corpse pose. 

Affirmations and mantras can also be used to activate and balance the Divine Gateway chakra. Some examples of affirmations and mantras for this chakra include “I am connected to the divine”, “I am one with the universe”, and “I trust in the infinite wisdom of the cosmos”. 

Benefits of a Balanced Divine Gateway Chakra 

When the Divine Gateway chakra is balanced and open, there are many benefits that can be experienced. These include: 

  1. Spiritual development: A balanced Divine Gateway chakra can help us to deepen our spiritual connection and explore new levels of consciousness.

 Enhanced intuition and psychic abilities: By accessing the energy of the cosmos, we can tap into our intuition and psychic abilities, allowing us to make more informed decisions and connect with our inner wisdom. 

  1. Connection with higher consciousness: When our Divine Gateway chakra is balanced, we can connect with the universe and experience a sense of oneness with all things. 
  2. Increased creativity: The energy of the cosmos is a powerful force for creativity, and a balanced Divine Gateway chakra can help us to tap into this energy and unleash our creative potential. 
  3. Greater sense of purpose: By connecting with the divine and the infinite, we can gain a greater sense of purpose and direction in our lives. 

The Golden Era of Atlantis

During the Golden Era of Atlantis, the advanced capabilities of the Stellar Gateway chakra allowed the High Priests and Priestesses to communicate with the councils of other star systems. During deep meditation, the Alta would consult with these beings of light, and as a result, the healing and advanced technologies of countless star beings were downloaded into their stellar gateway chakra.

They in turn passed it to the Magi for onward transmission to their temple priests, who lovingly turned it into physical information to help the people, and advance their civilization to the higher 5th dimension. 

During the entire period of Atlantis, extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional civilizations came to visit Earth. Since that era, they have been sending their light and love to use from their distant planes. They do this through the energy fields of those who are open and ready. 

The blueprint of all this incredible knowledge is stored within the higher aspects of all 12th chakras on Earth. It will be released when we are ready to utilize it again. 


The Divine Gateway (Stellar Gateway) chakra is a powerful energy center that can help us to connect with the universe and experience higher states of consciousness. By using techniques such as meditation, yoga, and affirmations, we can activate and balance this chakra, allowing us to tap into our spiritual potential and experience the many benefits that come with a balanced and open Divine Gateway chakra. 


  1. What is the difference between the Divine Gateway chakra and the Soul Star chakra? 

The Soul Star chakra is located above the Gateway chakra and is associated with the color purple or violet. It is sometimes referred to as the Seat of the Soul and is associated with our higher self and our connection to the divine. 

  1. How can I tell if my Divine Gateway chakra is imbalanced? 

Physical symptoms of an imbalanced Divine Gateway chakra can include headaches, migraines, and other neurological issues. Emotional symptoms can include a sense of disconnection from our spiritual selves and a lack of purpose or direction in our lives. 

  1. How often should I practice techniques for balancing my Divine Gateway chakra? 

It is recommended that you practice techniques for balancing your Divine Gateway chakra on a regular basis, such as daily or several times a week, depending on your needs and schedule. 

  1. Can the energy of the Divine Gateway chakra be harmful? 

No, the energy of the Divine Gateway chakra is a pure and positive force that can only benefit us when it is flowing freely and balanced. 

  1. Can anyone activate and balance their Divine Gateway chakra? 

Yes, anyone can activate and balance their Divine Gateway chakra with the right techniques and practice. It is important to listen to your body and intuition and work at your own pace to achieve a balanced and open chakra. 

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