Divinity Magazine Doesn’t Just Teach How To Become One With Mind, Body, and Spirit…. We Live It Ourselves.

Divinity Magazine is empowered by Limitless Productions, one of the world’s top personal growth and limitless productionstransformation companies. Through a unique blend of conscious marketing, fun, and empowering work culture, our team of badass superstars spreads enlightened ideas, and teachings to every corner of the globe.

Divinity Magazine was founded in 2014 by Kimberly Shukla, Strategic Interventionist, Peak Performance Coach, and Reiki Master, with the focus of becoming the best source of quality, life-enriching information to live an authentic lifestyle and follow your bliss.

Through our digital platforms, content platforms, and live events, we provide access to transformational education that empowers you to break your boundaries, expand your mind, and unleash your fullest potential to lead a limitless life on your terms.


The Divinity Magazine Mission

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.” -Albert Einstein-

Limitless Productions, in cooperation with Divinity Magazine is on a mission to awaken and transform 500 million men, women, and children and push humanity forward by empowering everyone to live happier, more balanced lives, while unleashing their full potential to live a rich, limitless life.

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It’s time to break free from the chains of dysfunctional models of reality and reclaim your power.

Your Free Authentic Life Education

If you continue to live the way you are living, you will continue to get the same results you’ve always gotten. Your life will not change until you change. Take charge of your life, come back into alignment with mind, body, and spirit and experience your bliss. Live the life you were given at birth, connect back to the source of all creation, and know unheard of natural health, and happiness!

The Divinity Magazine Team

Divinity Magazine is headed by its Founder, Kimberly Shukla, a Strategic Interventionist, Peak Performance Coach, and Reiki Master. Together with her amazing team of badass superstars from around the globe, Kimberly and the crew celebrate and collectively work towards a mutual mission and purpose.

Divinity Magazine Culture

It’s Divinity’s unique company culture that makes us one of the happiest, most productive workplaces in Canada; which fuels our growth and accelerates productivity. We are a business that focuses on employee growth, happiness, and fulfillment. Our team is inspired to be creative, innovative, and highly productive, while feeling incredibly valued as individuals.

divinity magazine culture


How do we do it? By focusing on happiness, growth, abundance, significance, and cultivating our mutual mission for positive impact. How else would Divinity Magazine be able to provide such amazing life-altering experiences to our audiences?


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