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Divinity Magazine is empowered by Divine Productions, one of the world's top personal growth and transformation companies. Through a unique blend of conscious marketing, fun, and empowering work culture, our team of badass divine beings spread enlightened ideas, and teachings to every corner of the globe. 

Divinity Magazine was founded in 2014 by Kimberly Shukla, with the focus of becoming the best source of quality, life-enriching information to live an authentic lifestyle and follow your bliss. 

Through our digital platforms, content platforms, and live events, we provide access to transformational education that empowers you to break your boundaries, expand your mind, and unleash your full potential to live life on your terms. 

Hi, I'm Kimberly

"I awaken people to their best lives by helping them heal their thinking, step into their potential and experience the freedom that resides there."

 Kimberly Shukla is on a mission to connect 1 billion individuals worldwide with true success by having them create a life that expresses their infinite purpose and potential, so they can experience the freedom and fulfillment they desire.

  • Physchologist
  • Strategic Interventionist
  • Peak Performance Coach
  • Reiki Master
  • Certified Advanced Angelic Healer
  • Certified and Accredited by the International Association of Therapists.

Kimberly is a powerful transformative coach and healer. Her work has touched and transformed the lives of thousands around the world. Her weekly blog is among the most bookmarked and read sites in the world.

Drawing on Kimberly's 20 years of working with individuals, families, and professionals to dramatically improve their lives, the mindshift she offers, frees people from unnecessary limiting beliefs, blocks, and puts them back in touch with the source of their enthusiasm for life and work.

Although Kimberly has accumulated several degrees and certifications, she credits her own life experiences and failures as the most valuable tool for helping others. Kimberly works harder on herself than on anyone else. Her audiences are inspired by stories of her "low points"- giving them hope, because they realize that they are not really as bad off as she was- they figure if Kimberly can transform her life, so can they!

Kimberly believes in the power of coaching so much that she regularly works with her own life coaches, relationship coaches, spiritual coaches, and business coaches to continually grow and transform her life. 

Kimberly Shukla Divinity Magazine

What's So Special About Kimberly...


Infinite Possibilities

"Not only do you get the benefit of one-on-one coaching with Kimberly in the group setting, but you also get to witness other people's work- with can open doors inside of yourself you didn't know existed! You'll have insights in these groups that can create tectonic shifts in your life. Shifts that can help you create a beautiful, romantic relationship, connect to your passion, and so much more!"

Marc Stevens


The Inside-Out Approach.

Kimberly has a combination of Inside-Out and Outside-In coaching that creates results. Some coaches just focus on the external goals and others just on beliefs. We need both if we are to be truly successful at anything. With a unique ability to see and bring our your unique genius, you can be a full expression of your unique talents. 

Dana Moore 


Choose Remarkable!

“Gain the ability to see yourself as having infinite potential. See yourself as something more. Live in possibility and wonder, unafraid of criticism, no longer afraid of the world. Focus on what you really want and then go out and create it. You can be busy or you can be remarkable but not both- Choose Remarkable!

Chris Newton 

Your Free Authentic Education!

If you continue to live the way you are living, you will continue to get the same results you've always gotten. Your life will not change until you change. Take charge of your life and come back into alignment with mind, body, and spirit and experience your bliss. Live the life you were given at birth, connect back to the source of all creation, and know unheard of natural health, and happiness!


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