There is an event happening around the globe right now that’s known as COVID-19 or the Coronavirus. And while many see it as just another “virus”, there is something much bigger at play here. Unfortunately many are asleep to what’s truly happening across this planet.

It begins by stating that all is consciousness. Low consciousness has always been here, but it’s now being brought to light in all its ugliness. It’s being exposed.

We have been seeing the exposing of this low consciousness all around us for some time. All of the corruption, greed, exposing of the greatest attrocities against human beings. It’s all coming to light. Darkness cannot hide from the light.

I’ve heard many “enlightened” ones talking about how this virus is somehow the planet fighting back. It is not. Many of you who claim to be “awake”, are still very much asleep.

What’s happening today on this planet with this COVID-19 virus has nothing to do with the planet, the magnetics of the planet, or whatever else you’ve been told to lull you. It is completely and totally the actions of man. Humans have created what is now taking place.

How Chernobyl & History Play a Part in Our Low Consciousness & COVID-19

The way we should make electricity on this planet is geothermal. All we have to do is dig far enough and we’ll get the heat. And yet, we chose instead to the use the most expensive and dangerous steam engine in the world… it’s called nuclear.

Chernobyl is history repeating itself in another form right now. We didn’t learn the first time. Typically, when a child puts its hand on something that is hot, and burns himself, he learns not to do it again.

We have not learned that lesson.

Nuclear plants aren’t supposed to explode. Yet, there was a flaw in the design. This flaw as repeated over and over again in other reactors. And the flaw is ready to have a repeat performance.

During Chernobyl, the government and leadership was an oppressive one. One that did things inexpensively. They were always in denial and full of fear. When Chernobyl exploded, even those who were there denied the explosion. This has been ingrained in this kind of government for half a century. You don’t say what you see, you say what you’re told. 

What happened next was a shock to all. And yet there was still denial after denial. It took nearly 200,000 people to clean up the mess, and it’s not cleaned up. It won’t be for more than 4,000 years.

It was the most dangerous steam engine in the world. Lives had to be lost before the government would acknowledge that which was obvious and correct.

At the end of Chernobyl, Gorbechev finally stated: “Chernobyl was the catalyst for the fall of the Soviet Union”.

Did we learn? No, we kept putting our hands back in the fire.

The Spread of COVID-19

There are viruses and bacteria in nature that remains with nature. The trees and animals have them, and they don’t apply to humans. Just as humans have bacteria and viruses that don’t apply to nature.

But ocassionally, there is a cross over from the animals to humans. But it ONLY happens because of HUMAN action. It NEVER happens naturally. 

In the 1800’s we had the Black Death (the plague). It was traced back to the fleas that were on the rats. The rats were living with humans in unsanitary conditions.

This virus is not political. The virus does what it does naturally. See where the virus goes and where it came from.

You’re told that the virus occured by itself. It did not.

The virus comes from a bat. The bat was studied in the most high-end, high-class virology laboratory in China. That is where the virus came from. And yet, you’re told it didn’t. Somehow it magically appeared in the area. Not from the laboratory.

What happened next is so similar to Chernobyl. It’s a “hand burn” that we should see and know about.

Those who were affected in the area were a civilization that lives together, 5-6 in a room, who don’t practice the kind of sanitary and health practices that we do.

They started dying immediately because they didn’t have the protection that many of us do. What the government told them is, “You’re not dying. Pay no attention to the bodies on the streets”.

That area lost as many human beings as the U.S. did with 911. And the government continues to deny it. In fear of admitting it.

What’s happening today- with all of the fear and finger pointing- has to do with human action, carelessness, deceipt, and fear.

Follow the virus. There is a secret.

The secret will be revealed by the whistle blowers. They will know things in the years to come… or maybe sooner if they’re awake.

It will cause a revelation. And when it does, there will be 2 governments that will fall or change dramatically because people will finally see the fear, the repression, the lack of openness- and they will start to change things on this earth.

Hint: A virus is not political. A virus doesn’t lie. If you follow the infection schedule. At the very beginning, you will find that besides China, there was one other country, far, far away, that immediately was infected  with hundreds…. even the top Echelon. Go find it.

Is there a connection? Is there a “follow the dots”?

A virus is not political. There’s something even bigger than you think, that was brewing here. And when it’s revealed, and the secrets are known, the governments who are responsible, may very well not survive.

This is the tip of the iceberg for planetary change, and it has nothing to do with health. It has everything to do with consciousness. A shift on the planet.

We will get through this. It will be contained. And when it does, we will never want it to happen again. No more “hand burning”. When you find out how it TRULY happened, THAT’S when things will change.

As for planetary change….. be aware that this planet is starting to work in your favor. The elegance of magnetics will now start to show itself in a way that it should have shown itself 1,000 years ago.

Earthquakes and tsunamis are reactors gone wild. Watch and learn my friends. 🙂


  • earl
    Posted October 4, 2020 8:06 PM

    that is sad that you are not willing to take constructive critism. very sad.

    you appear to not be much different than the” secret” “whistleblowers”. elusive and filled with self importance.

    i’m not attacking you. i’m illustrating where you are flawed in your presentation. hopefully you receive that.

    you might mean well but it falls short in your presentation.

    post your proof of what you state that is all that is being asked.

    if it it your intution that gives you the content for the article so be it. state that is what it is. simple.

    but stating what you did without any reality or proof of your claims makes you a spitritual narcissistic individual.

    believing your own perspective as reality when in fact it is just a perspective no better than anyone else.

    if you are hiding other persectives, mine which you deleted, then you are not allowing your self to be displayed as potentially inaccurate in your perspectives. as if you have nothong more to learn. Additionally you are not serving the upliftment of this planet nor the individual. Just your point of view which you view is important and not others..Can you not see that ?

    Divinity Magazine ,.. Really ?

    Maybe you are fooling yourself.

    • Kimberly Shukla
      Posted October 5, 2020 11:30 AM

      First off, I’m glad you took the time to offer your opinion. I did not delete your comment. Comments are held for moderation and approval so I don’t have to waste my time with the plethora of spam comments from those looking to add their links in a comment section. As for whether I’m a narcisistic individual…. no. Beyond being highly educated with a PhD in Behavioral Psychology, I’m also very spiritually aware and regularly travel between realms where I get my information. I wasn’t aware that I was under any obligation to post absolutely everything I know in one sitting. The point of the article was to weed out the “sheep” from those who claim to be awake. Individuals would either use their logic and search for more answers, or they would follow the crowd blindly as so many are doing. To think that government and media “has our backs” or is ever genuine, is laughable at best. The whole point of awakening, is to question. Even the “awakening” of man has become a bid for popularity with people spewing about ascension as if there are god-given levels of the soul to climb through to become ‘more’ than it already is. Ascension levels are man made, not from anywhere else.

      The fact that you got so heated over this does tell me that your ego is running your show. Maybe you might want to get that inline 😉

      Have a great day.

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