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Want To Write For Divinity Magazine.com?

Divinity Magazine would love to have you! We accept bylined articles to be published on our blog. We do not pay for articles.

Writer’s Guidelines: 

We’re about healthy living- yoga, organics, spirituality, healthy eating, health, fitness, enlightened education- anything that helps us live a good life for ourselves, others, and the planet.

You must read and adhere to the guidelines below and use agreement before we’ll consider your work. 

Divinity Magazine isn’t a bulletin board- we’re a publication. We only publish original work. Share your work on Divinity Magazine before your site or Instagram- this has the added benefit of making sure your community will react and share your work, helping it to gain traction.

It takes a lot of work to get the word out. That’s how we’ve built our audience. If no one sees your article, it can’t be of benefit. You must be pumped about sharing your article to your communities via: Facebook, your newsletter, emails, Twitter, Instagram posts, and Instagram story swipe ups.

This is a partnership. Before we an promote your article, your previously promoted articles (if you’ve written previously online) must connect with 1,000 readers.

    • Suggested word count is between 800-2,000 words. Images should be well under 1MB and be relevant to your article. You must have the right to use the image.


    • Include a brief, fun, third person bio (include your email or web address, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram).


  • Articles must be SEO optimized around a central keyword. If you need keyword help, or even fresh new ideas about hot topics in your niche, we suggest using UberSuggest (free).

NOTE: All of our articles require a real first and last name, as well as a headshot. 

After Publishing: Please feature your Divinity article on your website, Instagram, Facebook, etc- the more you feature it in your personal sphere, the more traction and readers it will get.

By submitting, you give Divinity Magazine “use rights” in perpetuity. That means “forever”. That said, you can use our edited and published article with credit and link in any publication that you own or control (ie. your personal site(s)

If you agree with our writer’s terms, you will be required to honor our investment of time and care as editors.


If you have the expertise and are willing to create an outstanding article for the Divinity Magazine audience, fill out the form below.

Most importantly- be sure to include a link to 3 articles you have written that are similar to what you would write for Divinity Magazine.


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