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Unlocking the Power of the Causal Chakra: Reaching Transcendence


The Causal Chakra is an essential aspect of our energetic anatomy that governs our ability to connect with our higher self and the universe. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of the 5D Causal Chakra, its functions, and how it relates to our overall well-being. 

What is the Causal Chakra? 

The Causal chakra is the eighth chakra located 3 to 4 inches behind the center of the back of the head, above the Crown Chakra. It is associated with our higher self, soul purpose, and connection to the divine. This chakra is responsible for our ability to access higher dimensions and spiritual realms. The Causal Chakra is governed by Archangel Christiel and twin flame Malory. It is white and has feminine qualities of love, compassion, purity, and intuition. 

The Causal Chakra’s purpose is to receive energy from the Soul Star Chakra and filter it into the mental body (a layer of the aura). This chakra deals with the exploration of spirit and higher wisdom, and opens when the right brain is active because it enables us to see the big picture through the power of intuition and creativity. 

Through the Causal Chakra we receive messages, information, and inspiration from the higher spiritual realms. To facilitate this, we need to detach ourselves from our learned beliefs. Once information comes into the Causal Chakra, it is sent down into the lower energy centers for distribution throughout the whole body. 

Before this chakra is activated, it must be open, responsive, and free from any programmed belief systems. 

When this energy center is overloaded and out of balance, we are unable to release the memories of old patterns, behaviors, and experiences. We continue to attract similar experiences into our lives and get caught up in self-judgment, guilt, and regret. 

Activation of this chakra alters our perception and broadens our horizons of consciousness. It invites spiritual meaning into all our inferior mental patterns and programs. It enables you to stay calm and clear regardless of your current trials and tribulations. 

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Functions of the Causal Chakra: 

The Causal Chakra is responsible for many functions, including: 

  1. Connection to the Higher Self: The Causal Chakra is the gateway to our higher self, allowing us to access our true potential and purpose. 
  1. Spiritual Connection: This chakra enables us to connect with higher dimensions and spiritual realms, expanding our awareness and consciousness. 
  1. Manifestation: The 5D causal chakra is where we can manifest our desires into reality. When this chakra is activated, we can attract positive energies and opportunities almost instantly and as if by magic. 
  1. Healing: This chakra is also responsible for our ability to heal ourselves and others, as it connects us to the divine source of healing. 

The 5th Dimensional Expanded Causal Chakra

The moon-white Causal chakra in Atlantean times was as physical as the Crown and occupied a space at the back of the skull, creating an elongated head. When it is first activated, it is separate from the head, resting between the Crown and the Soul Star Chakra. 

As the light level of a master rises, the causal chakra unites with the 5th dimensional chakra column. Then it is drawn into physical contact with the head. The Causal Chakra is a spiritual chakra and considered one of the transcendent chakras. The transcendent chakras are always 5th dimensional. It’s connected to the Moon and is like your own personal Moon, absorbing and radiating divine feminine light. 

The Causal Chakra acts as a magnet for lunar light, drawing it directly into the four-body system. This raises your vibration and illuminates the deep feminine wisdom held within your soul. 

The divine feminine is one of the most powerful energies that has been cascading onto Earth in recent times. This vibration of compassion and wisdom was withdrawn at the fall of Atlantis, and for the next 10,000 years afterwards, its loss dramatically affected humanity’s journey. 

It is now returning to all of us and is dissolving the unbalanced masculine force and allowing the heart to rule once more. 

The Moon is playing a large and important part in this, as it is an ascended satellite that holds the highest aspects of the divine feminine. These are monitored and dispensed by the Universal Angel Mary and her team of unicorns. 

The Moon also reflects the light of the Great Central Sun, known as Helios. This 9th dimensional spiritual star sends light to Earth via our Sun. As this energy leaves Helios, it is divine masculine in vibration and balanced with the influence of Vesta, which is the divine feminine counterpart (twin flame) of the Central Sun system. 

During full moon periods on Earth, the powerful silver light pours into the minds of humanity and affects people profoundly, creating huge shifts in enlightenment in preparation for the pending new Golden Age. 

Animals and sensitive people can be profoundly affected by the full moon and the vibrations they emit. Throughout 2014 and 2015, the full moons became increasingly potent, culminating in the incredibly powerful full moon of September 2015. 

Gaia herself has now received enough of the lunar light to balance the masculine and feminine energies on Earth. 

The Causal Chakra also has another powerful purpose. It provides the seeker with a deep and intimate connection to the world of Spirit. The level of this connection depends on the psychic gifts an individual has brought forward from their past lives. It is also contingent on their soul mission. 

The Causal Chakra also allows a two-way flow of energy and light from the angelic realms. This brings the angelic vibration to the individual and anchors it permanently. 

A unicorn will connect with you when it sees your light of service lighting up over your Crown Chakra and will enter your energy field through your Causal Chakra. This has the power to alter your soul path completely. 

Archangel Christiel is in charge of the development of the Causal Chakra and because this chakra is so important in the progress of humanity’s enlightenment, he continues to work with us all on our journey to become enlightened masters. 

As the light within our souls grows brighter, Archangel Christiel brings even higher aspects of Christ consciousness into Earth’s energy field. This light shines through the Causal Chakra and the center of the heart. 

The completion of this higher embodiment of Christ Light will occur before 2032 so that we are ready for the new Golden Age.


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How to Activate the Causal Chakra: 

There are several ways to activate the Causal Chakra in the 5D, including: 

  1. Meditation: Regular meditation can help activate and balance this chakra, allowing us to access higher dimensions and spiritual realms. 
  1. Energy Healing: Reiki, pranic healing, and other forms of energy healing modalities can help activate and balance the Causal Chakra. 
  1. Crystals: Certain crystals like clear quartz, selenite, and amethyst can help activate and balance this chakra. 
  1. Affirmations: Positive affirmations that focus on our connection to the divine can help activate and balance the Causal Chakra. 


The causal chakra is an essential aspect of our energetic anatomy that connects us to our higher self and the universe. By understanding its function and how to activate it, we can enhance our spiritual growth, well-being, and ability to manifest our desires. We hope this article has been helpful to you in your spiritual journey. 

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  3. Amazing. Heard the term “casual chakra” and thought that wasn’t quite it and Spirit led me directly to this. It’s the first time I’m learning of it and and absolute confirmation of what Spirit told me only hours ago. They called me “Lightheart” and said I wasn’t alone, but rare in these times, like Jesus. You’d think I’d get used to it, but I’m still blown away. Thank you. ( I’m also kinda geeked to learn unicorns are real!)

  4. Thank you for this. Alexandra wenmans Fire Archangel Oracle introduced me to Christiel and the causal chakra so it was so interesting to read your post. Love and light ❤️🌈

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