The 3rd and 5th Dimensional Earth Star Chakra

The Earth Star Chakra, also known as the Super Root Chakra is connected to the Foot Chakra. It’s located at the bottom of the feet, about 12-18 inches below the foot. The Earth Star Chakra is the grounding point of the whole 12 charka system. This chakra is the keeper of karmic cycles and past lives.

The Earth Star chakra connects us to the earthly energies as well as Universal energies. This chakra in 3-dimensional vibration is either brown, black, or a combination of black and white.

The Earth Star chakra is one of oneness which is connected to the Earth, the collective consciousness of humanity, and is connected to the vast field of All That Is. It is connected to the living multidimensional spirit of Mother Earth and to the earth’s crystalline grid.

With our lives revolving around computers and gadgets, rushing from one place to another, it causes us to become ungrounded. When your Earth Star chakra is active, it helps you stay grounded even with the hectic and busy life you lead.

The active Earth Star chakra is a real blessing for all energy workers, as it releases the negative energies that you may pick up from others. The Earth Star Chakra secures your soul by connecting your etheric body to the physical world. It connects you with the Divine Mother Earth (Gaia) and aligns you with the magnetic core of the earth.

The active Earth Star Chakra also helps discharge negative and impure energy to earth as well as draw divine and pure energy from the earth, that makes us grounded all the time.

As you work to balance, heal, and activate your Earth Star chakra, you are completing powerful clearing and healing work for humanity, and for the Earth, as well as for your own life.

Unbalanced Earth Star Chakra

  • Blood circulation problems
  • Instability in life
  • Lack of balance in various aspects of life
  • Eating disorder
  • Problems relating to the legs, knees, hips, and ankles
  • Hallucination
  • Ungrounded
  • Constant unknown fear or phobia
  • Lack of spirituality
  • Tendency to lose balance
  • Vertigo problems

Balanced Earth Star Chakra

  • Connected to inner peace
  • Seeing the wider perspective of all situations
  • Feel secured
  • Feel grounded and protected
  • Peace of mind
  • Healthy physical health as well as etheric health
  • Divine connection with Mother Gaia
  • Work for the greater cause
  • Brings you closer to the sacred energy of Mother Earth


Earth Star Chakra Crystals

  • Black Kyanite
  • Black obsidian
  • Black tourmaline
  • Smoky quartz
  • Chiastolite
  • Rainbow quartz
  • Hematite
  • Dalmatian jasper
  • Fire agate
  • Red jasper


The Expanded 5th Dimensional Earth Star Chakra

During the 3rd dimensional phase of evolution on Earth, the 7 chakra column played its role of limited connection. Human beings wandered the planet gazing at the stars and pondering their existence. Their connection to their Source energy had to be discovered along the way. Many lost their connection. This is all now changing. Once a person’s Earth Star chakra is activated, everything changes.

Depending on your perspective, the Earth Star chakra is either the first or the last in the 12 chakra column. The development of this chakra is carefully monitored by Archangel Sandalphon. Due to the vital role that this chakra is playing in the progress of the planet, he will offer continual support throughout your soul’s incarnation on Earth. The archangels of other chakras do not offer this support.

At the very beginning of the ascension process, the Earth Star can be seen as an inert ball of black and white energy. As it wakes up, it takes on a deep grey color, reflecting the magnetic substances of the planet’s crust. This enables it to begin its grounding connection to the mother essence of Gaia, the Spirit of Earth. When this energy circuit starts to flow, the soul on the ascension pathway never needs to ground their energy again.

Grounding also unifies the body into a single column of resonant light. The Earth Star’s connection on the planetary magnetics and energy field does this automatically.

As your soul progresses through the primary ascension stage, your Earth Star chakra expands in size and power. Its role is to guide you to the location allocated for your mission. When you are born, your 5th dimensional chakra blueprint is programmed with the content of the life mission for your master self. Your Earth Star chakra knows exactly where you are supposed to be on the planet.

Now that the initial process of cleansing has been completed here on Earth, many souls are feeling a pull within their hearts to follow their chosen path. When they are unified with their chosen spot, their personal energy will rise dramatically. Souls who have not yet fully settled will feel restless until they do.

Because this is a very powerful process, your soul is often not aware of it until you have reached your destination. Then your Earth Star turns to liquid silver and reflects the 9th dimensional light of Archangel Sandalphon himself.

Some lightworkers are finding themselves taking incredible journeys now without any thought or logic. They travel to faraway places or sacred sites that are calling out to them. Or they feel a strong desire to live in a certain country and then find themselves relocating there.

When this happens to you, your Earth Star chakra is working at its most powerful level. When you reach the chosen site, this chakra will download specific light codes into the planet to activate it at a higher frequency. These journeys will continue to be a vital part of the establishment of the Golden Age here on Earth.

Many ascended masters who are pulled to a certain place have already spent powerful lifetimes there. They are returning to finish work that was planned many lifetimes ago.

The Earth Star is also assisting the awakened souls to keep pace with the rising frequency on Earth. As the vibration of Lady Gaia rises, the frequency of the inhabitants of Earth automatically rises with it. We are forced to progress as well, and unconsciously have to work hard to align with the new frequency. This is one of the ways the ascension of the planet is being accelerated.

The Earth Star is deeply connected to the 7th dimensional Kingdom of Hollow Earth. Here, Serapis Bey works in his Great Golden Crystal Pyramid. Within this pyramid he holds the connection for every single Earth Star Chakra on the planet. He grounds the energy of all these chakras into this vast source of light.

As the Golden Crystal Pyramid becomes more accessible to lightworkers, they draw the higher codes of the five Golden Ages on Earth (Angala, Petranium, Mu, Lemuria, and Atlantis), into their chakra column. This provides them with information that is essential for their pathways.

As the ascension process on Earth evolves, this ancient knowledge will become part of everyday life again.



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