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root chakra

We all have 7 main energy centers within the 12 chakra system that run through our body. They begin in your sacrum and run up your spine ending just outside the top of your head. Each chakra represents life issues, corresponds to specific areas of your body, and each of those body parts have information about you and your life, in particular, what you believe and perceive. 

Where Is the Root Chakra in the Body?

The Root Chakra is the first chakra of your physical body and is located at the base of your spine, near your tailbone. This is your foundation. 

What Does the Muladhara Represent?

Your Root chakra is connected to your sense of belonging, feeling grounded, and safety. Your connection to your family, your ancestry, and planet Earth all reside here in your body. The Root chakra is connected to the Earth element. 

The basic issues associated with the root chakra are instinct, safety, survival, grounding, family, security, boundaries, and new beginnings. The body parts associated with the muladhara are coccyx, anus, large intestine, adrenal glands, back, legs, feet, and bones. 

You will find family wounds and tribal beliefs are stored in the body within this area. The health of this area is associated with your upbringing and early life. Inheritance of tribal programming of 1st and 2nd generation immigrants to the U.S. is prevalent here. 

It’s essential to pay attention to your Root Chakra in order for the others to function well. The keyword here is survival. All your survival instincts, resilience, and self-preservation characteristics live here.

If you’ve recently had surgery, a major illness, or trauma like physical violence or betrayal, or if you have a history that includes neglect, abandonment, or instability, your Root Chakra needs support.

What Are the Characteristics of the Root Chakra? 

The root chakra is the foundation for our energy and where we begin with the physical body. It is the anchor point for our existence. 

What Elements Are Associated with the Muladhara?

The five elements of nature that correspond with this chakra are earth, water, fire, air, and space. All of these elements work together to keep your root chakra balanced and functioning correctly. 

root chakra blockages

What Are the Challenges of the Root Chakra?

You can change your life by looking at the wisdom in your first chakra and seeing where you may be blocked or held back by beliefs tied to family loyalty or expectations that are not serving your highest good. Perhaps your body is showing you that fear is stopping you. 

If you are struggling in your relationships, especially with issues of trust, this is a root chakra issue. Some people just never feel safe at some level, in their jobs, or they feel there is never enough money, or no matter what they do, they can never get ahead- these are all first chakra issues. 

Fortunately, this can be cleared, and you can shift your thinking, beliefs and actions so that you are experiencing the safety you deserve. It begins at the unconscious and energetic level and that is where we are working in this chakra. 

Since energy flows up, if your energy is blocked in the root chakra, it is limiting the flow of energy in your body, potentially impacting your health, success in relationships or with money, or in your career. 

What Are the Benefits of Balancing the Root Chakra?

The root chakra is the center of vitality and grounding. It governs finances, self esteem, creativity, and spirituality. Balancing this area can help with restoring vitality and creativity. 

Balancing this area can also help with reducing the fear of money and self esteem. 

When Should I Worry About this Chakra? 

When you have trouble grounding yourself or feeling connected to the Earth; when you feel like you’re always going at 100mph; and when you feel that you are unsafe or in danger. 

Foods that Ground and Strengthen the Root Chakra

We want to focus on grounding so adding foods like carrots, potatoes, parsnips, radishes, onions, garlic and anything else that roots itself can have a soothing effect on our root chakra. Dandelion tea can also help. 

A healthy root chakra vibrates at the color red. Therefore, red foods provide the vibration needed to help balance the root chakra. Nutritionally, red foods usually have high levels of Vitamin C- a nutrient utilized by several body parts that the root chakra oversees, like bones, teeth, skin, and adrenals. 

Some red foods you could try are tomatoes, strawberries, apples, pomegranates, and cherries. 

Root Chakra Blockages Symptoms

If your root chakra is blocked, you have the feeling of being not at all grounded, and therefore possibly very worrisome, anxious and high strung. 

Your physical and emotional constitution may be very weak and you may literally feel not of this world, as if you don’t belong here, as if you’re totally separate from everyone and everything else. 

Root chakra blockages also go hand in hand with sexual dysfunction, as Kundalini energy is unable to permeate the chakra in this state. 

Causes of Root Chakra (Muldahara) Blockages

Birth trauma, abandonment, physical neglect, poor physical bonding with mother, malnourishment, feeding difficulties, major illness or surgery, physical abuse or violent relationships, enema abuse or inherited trauma (holocaust survivors, war veterans, poverty conditions). 

Excessive Energy- Spins Fast (No Harmony)










Fear of change


Rigid boundaries


Material fixation

Struggle to achieve goals

Weak ego structure


Eating disorders



Feeling spacey, distracted, scattered.

Unable to relax

Sluggish, lazy, tired

Quick mood swings


Bowel disorders like constipation and/or diarrhea

Addiction to security


Chronic illness

Difficulty letting go


Cold hearted

Sexual energy entirely genital


Deficient Energy- Spins too Fast (No Harmony)








Cold feet





Absent minded


Second thoughts


Little interest in sex


Chronic disorganization


Disconnected from body

No confidence

Poor focus and discipline


Sense of not belonging

Poor boundaries

Anxious, restless, can’t settle

Financial difficulty

Can’t achieve goals



Imbalances in the Root Chakra

Tension in this chakra means you view the world through a filter of fear and insecurity while very high stress may actually feel like a threat to survival. 

Physical Imbalances





Yeast infections

Drug addictions

Bladder problems


Lower back pain, herniated discs, and spinal issues

Sciatica problems


Living in the past

Urethral problems

Heart disease

Colon disorders

Fluid retention

Gynecological problems

Male reproductive problems


Psychological Imbalances Symptoms


Identity crisis

Recklessness & Carelessness

Accident prone

Dependent personality

Being in survival mode

Weak ego structure

Drug addictions



Physical Symptoms of Root chakra imbalance

  • Eating disorders
  • Disorders of the bowel, anus, large intestines
  • Frequent illness (Can be deficient and/or excessive)
  • Disorders of solid parts of the body- bones, teeth, etc. 
  • Issues with legs, feet, knees, base of spine, buttocks. 


Balanced Root Chakra

Feeling incredibly healthy





Material prosperity

Abundance of energy

Abundance thinking in all areas of life




Lots of common sense

At ease with yourself-mentally & physically

Proper weight; physically fit

Happiness in job/career

General sense of well-being & satisfaction with life

Feeling of security and safety

Ease of letting go of people, places, situations, and things that are no longer needed.


The Root Chakra and ADHD

By their very nature children are intuitive and empathic. Everyone comes into the world connected to a sixth sense that ends up being diminished over time as we get older. Our sixth sense is our ability to connect to the spiritual realm and the world around us. 

Children naturally retain this sixth sense for the first 7 years of life until they are socially conditioned by caregivers and those around them. During the first few years of life, the upper chakras are extremely active. The Crown, Throat, Heart, and Third Eye chakras are spinning at full speed. 

It takes some time for the lower chakras to be completely active. The spirit is still learning to ground itself in the physical world and connect to the Earth. The upper chakras govern our etheric body and aura while the lower chakras govern how we interact physically in the world around us. 

Children are able to connect easily to the spiritual realm and pick up on other people’s emotions, are connected to nature, and have an unexplainable bond with certain individuals. 

More and more children over the last several years are presenting signs of unbalanced upper chakras. It’s manifesting as ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Autism, and Anxiety. 

Some of these issues can be related to Indigo children and their purpose on earth, but most are because of an imbalance in the upper chakras. 

Kids with ADHD have an extremely slow and potentially “disconnected” root chakra, as well as having a Third Eye and Crown chakra that are far too active. 

These children have too many messages coming at them from the spiritual realm and their physical world isn’t connected at all. These children need to ground themselves and play outside more often. 


The Expanded 5th Dimensional Root Chakra

The 5th dimensional base chakra is the anchor point for our ascended mastery. It’s sometimes called the Seat of the Soul and enables us to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

When we embody our higher aspects, we begin our ascension process and this chakra glows with bright platinum light. Archangel Gabriel is responsible for the nurturing of the Base Chakra in the early stages of its development and assists us in purifying the lower energies that it may contain.

In the 3rd dimension, the Base Chakra glowed a deep red. This color represented the survival emotions that were experienced here on Earth, and many souls became lost within their lessons. As a result of this, many people began looking to flawed leaders and teachers to make them feel safe.

This is now rapidly changing as the platinum light of faith, trust, joy, and harmony flows into our base chakras, attracting happy circumstances.

When Earth began her ascension process, we were able to reconnect with our mighty I AM Presence, our divine spark. This encouraged many lightworkers to begin to anchor the higher aspects of themselves into their four-body system.

When the 5th dimensional base chakra is fully anchored, it expands until the division between Higher Self and Lower Self ceases to exist. We become our Higher Self.

The base chakra frequency tries to draw to our attention an understanding of who we truly are and this is one of the most common lessons that it’s teaching us on the master pathway.

Our emotional body is part of our four-body system and holds the memories of our lives in a physical body. Archangel Gabriel combined his pure light with Archangel Christiel’s to help us clear our emotional bodies quickly.

Working together for the highest good of Earth and humanity, they have created a mixture of the Diamond Ray of Purification and the Cosmic Christ Light that is released for us at every full moon.

After every succeeding full moon, a higher energy becomes available to us and our base chakra can anchor it. This process also strengthens our Antakarana bridge, which connects us directly to our monad in the higher dimensions.

When we really understand the possibilities of our power and abilities, our beliefs about ourselves will expand. Often, our guides and angels will present scenarios in order to empower us and encourage us to step into our higher roles.

The base chakra assists us by offering memories or prompts from previous incarnations that show us a higher light. Any memories that do not serve are left behind.

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