5D Soul Star Chakra

soul star chakra

Understanding the Soul Star Chakra: Transcendence and Connection to Spirit

The Soul Star Chakra is the highest chakra in the physical body and is located above the head, about 2 feet. It is the point where the individual soul merges with the divine consciousness, which is the source of all creation. This chakra is associated with spiritual enlightenment, cosmic awareness, and our connection to the higher self. 

With the Soul Star Chakra we enter the realms transcending space and time. This energy center is said to open access to parallel universes and lives; it gives access to the realm of the Akashic records and the sphere of potentialities in the making. It’s a useful chakra for shamanic healing and communication with spirit guides. 

The Soul Star Chakra is the energy center of divine love, of spiritual compassion, and spiritual selflessness, your Karmic residue, and activates spiritual skills contained in the crown chakra. 

The soul star chakra is an energy transference chakra. It takes energy from the world, other people, plants, animals, and operates like a step down or step up transformer. Seeing the whole body and the chakras as an integrated energy system, the Omega transfers energy from outside the body to inside increasing or decreasing it as necessary to stimulate energy glow and release blocks. 

This chakra holds all of your karmic residue. Those energy patterns that you’ve held onto for more than one lifetime. When it begins to open up and expand, a new spiritual awareness begins to take shape. You begin to sense yourself as part of a larger community of people. 

The soul star chakra is the gateway to other ideas, concepts, and abilities. It enables you to achieve out of body projection, spiritual perception, and spiritual wisdom. These abilities and ideas are larger than Self and the earth. They go beyond the mundane and are connected with healing of the planet and the self in regards to the Universe and ALL-THAT-IS. 

The Soul Star chakra is the gateway to your Self as it expands past the planet. Because of this, this chakra is the last energy center that holds anything human within it. It becomes a temple of human cleansing and the releasing of patterns that are lifetimes old and outdated. These patterns are the last of what holds you to the reincarnation system and your humanness that keeps you from uniting with higher powers, beings, and ideas. 

Holding our mental body of energies, the Soul Star Chakra is made up of all our subconscious and conscious thoughts from every lifetime we have lived, including this one. It’s the gateway to the soul. 

Visualize a six-pointed star. One triangle reaching up to the spiritual light energy, and one triangle reaching downward into your ego- Self/ personality, allowing you to bathe in miraculous connection. 

When you meditate on the soul star chakra, you are activating the evolution of your soul into the awareness of the 7 streams of energy, which hold the powers of change and transmutation. 

Countless spiritual challenges have been met throughout our lifetimes in the soul battles between the higher Self and the lower ego mind. 

When this center opens up, you not only begin to take on an awareness of this larger community of energies, you also begin to shed those patterns that have kept you rooted to the planet. The shedding is a natural process, because once this center is awakened, you are ready to let go of your humanity and grasp something larger, much more wonderful, and infinitely divine. 

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How the Ego Mind Runs Your Life

The ego tells you that it knows all, it doesn’t need to change anything about your existence. It’s perfectly comfortable holding onto the stories of what you have experienced, all of the alleged wrongs you have endured, because it feeds into your need for significance and a false sense of security

The more you repeat the “stories”, the more attention you receive, which ultimately keeps you rooted in the past and the negative cycle. The ego needs to control this process to remain in control. 

When you try to break free from the ego’s influence, the mental chatter and negativity begins, trying to convince you to remain where you are. 

The ego says that you are flawed and that you need other humans or material objects to make you feel whole, loved, or accepted

The soul however, reaches out to you to recognize your true essence. It tells you that you are living with a false sense of security. There is no security in the physical. One must have faith and find security in the higher spiritual and angelic realms. 

The soul knows that love and acceptance come from within and are not dependent on outside sources. It knows that true love comes from your connection to Self, soul, and Source. 

Your soul tests you constantly while reaching out to you with spiritual healing and guidance on a continuous basis just waiting for you to receive it. Your ego Self only knows what it chooses to be aware of. 

Experience, life purpose, and circumstance can all create false belief systems with altered realities

We carry many things from past lives, which propel us forwards into identifying, accepting, and healing in this life. If we learn how to activate the Soul Star Chakra to reach out, to speak, to heal, and connect us to the Source of our creation, we begin to understand the magnitude of love available to us. 

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Signs of Imbalance in the Soul Star Chakra

When the Soul Star Chakra is out of balance, it can result in feelings of disconnection, spiritual confusion, and a lack of purpose in life. Here are some common signs of an imbalanced Soul Star Chakra:

  • Feeling disconnected from your spiritual path
  • Difficulty connecting with your higher self
  • Lack of inspiration and creativity
  • Feeling lost or directionless in life. 

Opening the Soul Star Chakra

Once the soul star chakra is opened and functioning, instant manifestation as a true creator will begin. Balancing this chakra will facilitate soul progression and the clearing of emotional clutter within you. 

This will enable you to move forward lighter, with an increased vibration. As your vibration increases, you will appear younger physically.

When attuned and activated, the Soul Star chakra allows access to the Akashic Records, your soul’s intent in this particular incarnation; your soul’s highest purpose above and beyond all individual incarnations. 

When the Earth Star holds karmic ties that need to be released, it’s the Soul Star that stores karmic lessons that need to be integrated in the current integration. It’s through the Soul Star chakra that you are attached to the incarnation cycle. 

If you clear this chakra by integrating karmic lessons, you will begin this separation of ego and Spirit. 

It’s mastery of this that will transcend karma. Once you evolve past karma, you will have access to beings and concepts on higher planes of existence that were once unattainable and any future incarnations are by choice with the memory of your purpose. 

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How to Connect to the Soul Star Chakra

Connecting with the Soul Star Chakra is an essential part of spiritual growth and can bring profound changes to your life. Here are some ways to connect to the Soul Star Chakra: 

  1. Meditation: Practicing meditation can help you connect with your higher self and the divine consciousness. It can also help you cultivate a sense of inner peace and clarity. 
  1. Visualizations: Visualizations are powerful tools for connecting with the soul star chakra. You can imagine a bright, white light above your head, or a lotus flower opening at the crown of your head. 
  1. Energy Healing: Energy healing techniques like Reiki or sound healing can help to balance and activate the Soul Star chakra. 
  1. Yoga: Certain postures like headstand or tree pose can help to stimulate the soul star chakra. 


In summary, the Soul Star chakra is an essential part of our spiritual journey, and connecting with it can bring profound changes to our lives. By practicing meditation, visualization, energy healing, and yoga, we can balance and activate the soul star chakra and tap into our higher selves. If you’re feeling lost or disconnected, try these techniques and see how they can help you on your spiritual path. 

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  1. I found this page when I was looking if there is an angel called Mariel…Because I heard this name during meditating..So great information I would like to thank you .. I’m not psychic but a soul searcher and don’t know what s next ?

    1. If you’ve heard the name Mariel while meditating then I would be prone to believe that that is the name of your guardian angel 🙂 I will be posting about individual angels and archangels soon, what their roles are and how they can help individuals align with Christ Consciousness through the ascension process.

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