What Do Guys Really Want During Sex? 

Sex is rather simple. Whether it’s the two of you, three, or more, you should be taking care of each other’s needs. You need to be with someone who is excited and willing to give you the same attention and respect in the bedroom that they themselves want.

Here are 10 Incredibly Simple Things Guys Want During Sex

  1. Foreplay. Foreplay is very important to men. It’s like riding a roller coaster without the slow climb to the top. The anticipation is key. This is a fact.
  2. Shared Workload. No one wants to do all the work alone. Give your partner a break from the sex-o-lympics every now and then. Don’t be afraid to roll him over and climb on top.
  3. Lights on. Men are visual creatures. Of course they want the lights on so they can watch all the action. Some men find it incredibly hot to watch themselves gliding in and out of your body while having sex.
  4. An orgasm. Orgasms are kind of why you show up for sex in the first place, right? Of course, sex without an orgasm can be awesome at times too, but the whole point of the game is end game satisfaction.
  5. Communication. Communication is critical to good sex. Don’t be yelling at your partner like a drill sergeant. But lovingly telling them what they are doing right and what you want more of will get you just that….. more of it.
  6. Variety. No one really likes the same meal over and over again. The same is true with sex. Pull up to the buffet and try new things together. Be adventurous with new positions and places. Spice things up in your love life.
  7. Ambient Noise. Good sex is anything but quiet. If you’re too quiet your guy is going to assume you’re not enjoying yourself. We’re not saying you have to keep the entire neighborhood awake with your lovemaking, but don’t be afraid to be vocal and let him know he’s doing it right.
  8. Enthusiasm. Hopefully the two of you are enthusiastic in bed. This is a huge turn on for men. Get in the game and enjoy  yourself! No guy wants to watch his woman just lying there.
  9. After-sex nap. Sex done right is exhausting. Take a little nap together and recharge your batteries for the next round.


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