Becoming Heart-Centered

How many of you have suffered through the ending of a relationship that felt so devastating, it literally felt as if you were being destroyed one atom at a time? How many have lost someone you loved so deeply that you believed you couldn’t go on with life without them?

How many times have we used the statement, “My heart is broken”, or “My heart can’t take anymore,” or even, “I am afraid to love again?”

All of those statements are ego centered, not heart centered. They come from the stories that you are repeating over and over in your head. They don’t come from the heart.

Your heart is the center of your energetic being. It is completely aligned with the Universe and Source. It is not a separate entity. And because your heart is directly aligned with Source energy, it belongs to Source- not to you. It cannot be given away. It cannot be broken. It cannot belong to one person, nor can it be damaged by anyone. Your heart simply exists to fulfill its purpose.

Your heart’s primary purpose, other than to pump blood through your body and to help keep your physical body alive, is to give and receive love. That’s it. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Everything flows through love. Love has its own energy vibrational frequency and when your heart chakra is open and vibrating out into the Universe with pure and powerful loving energy, it not only has the power to heal the planet and mankind, but it creates magic and attracts back to your life everything that you desire that’s on that same frequency.

Joy is one of the higher love frequencies. Gratitude’s energy frequency has a really interesting effect. When you are deeply appreciative and are grateful, a vortex of energy quite literally spins in circles around you that allows for new stuff to come into your reality.

How many of you have heard of the Maharishi Effect? Dr. Maharishi did an experiment where he took 7,000 meditative yogi monks and he put them in different cities around the world. They measured the before and after effects through various ways in each of these cities that the monks were meditating in. What they found was that in one city, the crime rate had dropped by 22%. In other cities, the pollution dropped. In Tel Aviv, the stock market went up. Now, the basis of this experiment was to prove that when you take conscious beings and put them in any place, pulling in Source energy, radiating that Source loving energy back out into the universe with intention, it can change the environment around them.

Now if you really think about that, consider how many negative thoughts or emotions we have in a day. What kind of effects are your energy frequencies having on not only yourself, but the people and environment around you, because we are all connected by the same energy.  How much different would your life be if you spent more time in a heart centered state, radiating loving energy instead of stress, anxiety, anger, resentment, pain?

Love is the center of everything in the universe. Do you realize that you could have absolutely everything your heart desired in life, in any area of your life, if you would only learn to fill yourself with pure, unconditional love on a daily basis? Absolutely everything you want is directly connected to the energy frequency of love. It is the magnetic pull of the universe.

In order to change your life and your environment, you must first start by making a shift from being centered in your head, to being centered in your heart. Your heart needs to become your center of gravity. And while you’re learning to make this shift it’s going to require you to be more compassionate and incredibly loving towards yourself while you learn to let go of the entanglement, the fears, and the old belief patterns.

Learning to let go of the old beliefs and patterns is typically one of the hardest things we will ever do. We have spent years holding on to them, repeating the stories over and over again. It becomes like an addiction and when we think about giving them up, we can often experience a ‘withdrawal’ effect similar to what you would feel if you were trying to quit smoking. You panic because you don’t know how to let go and replace it with a new habit.

Just know that you are safe and supported through this process. It took years to get yourself in these habits and it takes no less than 21 days of conscious repeated effort to change a habit and replace it with a new, healthier, more empowering one. You will be uncomfortable at first, and human beings will do pretty much anything to avoid pain or discomfort. It’s natural. Just don’t give up on yourself because the reward at the end of living heart centered is magnificent.

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