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compliment men

The Compliment Men Are Dying to Hear But Rarely Do

How to Compliment Men and Stay at the Forefront of Their Minds

The more I know about the human mind, the less I understand about human beings. Men and women are very much alike in their need for validation and compliments. While

compliment men
The compliment men are dying to hear

women love to hear how much they are appreciated by their man, men also like to hear the same things from their women.

We don’t openly tell people, including our partners, what we like about them. Often times we go away thinking things in our heads, or we tell a third person what we like about certain people. But when we do this, we miss the benefit of having the thought and making someone feel special and appreciated.

how to spot a player

How To Spot a Player and Avoid Being Played

With the world of online dating sites rapidly increasing, too many women are getting used and hurt by men who are simply playing with their feelings in order to get what they want. The reality is that very few have actual intentions of being committed or building a relationship together.

how to spot a player
Image of two happy couples interacting in night club

I’ve had my share of dating experiences, and have been sucked in by a few very suave players. I’ve taken the liberty of talking to several other women was well about their experiences and together we have compiled a list of the most common things you will experience if you encounter a player in the dating world.

relationship compatibility

50 Relationship Compatibility Questions

Amelie Lee (Love

A relationship is all about compatibility and while opposites do attract, too many opposites and no similarities can lead to relationship failure. Big differences in your approach to life or your ethics about relationships are not good for a long-lasting romance.

The following questions will help both of you test your compatibility and understand one another better.

Sit down with your partner on a day when you have nothing else going on, ask each other these questions and have an open mind. Both of you answer so you get a better understanding of each other’s views.

true love

What Is True Love?

Is it True Love or Simply Infatuation? How to Tell the Difference.

Love is a word that we tend to toss around unconsciously in our day to day encounters. We love a certain food, a certain clothing style, a certain fragrance, our children, or whatever true loveit may be. We meet a new person and our world begins to change and we tend to think that what we are experiencing is true love. More often than not, we are wrong.

Our cultures, the media, and movies play a huge role in distorting the realities of love and what it truly is. There is a huge difference between the heart pounding adrenaline rush that we feel in the beginning of a relationship, and love. That adrenaline rush we feel is infatuation, not love.