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The Powerful 4 Pack:

  1. Connecting to Spirit- Crown Chakra Meditation: Connect with your higher self and open up to the voice of your spirit. 
  2. A Powerful Mind- Third Eye Chakra Meditation: A vivid imagination. Deep intuitive perception. The ability to focus and to visualize with clarity. A mindful awareness of the present moment. Mental stillness. 
  3. Express Yourself with Love & Confidence: Throat Chakra Meditation: Become an excellent communicator. Be a great listener, one that is appreciated by others. Get that powerful voice to bravely ask for what you want. Be heard. Strengthen your natural ability to express yourself fearlessly and with love.
  4. Living From The Heart- Heart Chakra Meditation: Open your heart. Be kind and loving. Find that part within yourself that is able to love unconditionally. Be compassionate and forgiving. Form healthy relationships that bring you happiness and joy. Open yourself to the most powerful force in the world-love. 

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