How to Compliment Men and Stay at the Forefront of Their Minds

The more I know about the human mind, the less I understand about human beings. Men and women are very much alike in their need for validation and compliments. While

compliment men
The compliment men are dying to hear

women love to hear how much they are appreciated by their man, men also like to hear the same things from their women.

We don’t openly tell people, including our partners, what we like about them. Often times we go away thinking things in our heads, or we tell a third person what we like about certain people. But when we do this, we miss the benefit of having the thought and making someone feel special and appreciated.

If you were to compliment men in the moment when you’re thinking about it, they are far more likely to be thinking about you even after you’re out of their sight.

Often times we don’t recognize the great qualities in one another enough. And when we do compliment men, we tend to recognize the same qualities that everyone else does and it loses its value.

People are used to receiving compliments on the 10% of their personality and character that everyone else sees. The guy that’s always funny is used to hearing how funny he is. The woman who is sexy is used to hearing how sexy she is. The guy who constantly makes a 95% grade average is used to hearing how smart he is.

But what about the 90% of our personality that is not being recognized? What about those qualities that we aren’t typically complimented on?

Compliment Men By Seeking Out That 90% No One Else Sees

Imagine what it would do for a man’s self-concept to be told he has a great sense of style. Or if you were the one woman in his life that tells him he’s kind, caring, or has a loving soul. Or if you were the one person who didn’t take him for granted and told him that you appreciate how often he gives of himself to help everyone else around him.

If you can be the one person that seeks out the 90% of him that no one else sees, and compliment men on the parts that no one else sees or validates, you are going to glow above everyone else around you.

If you can do that, he’s going to be thinking differently about you. He will see you as the person who “gets him” or who sees his potential. This gives you a very special place in his mind and heart. You will become the woman he can’t stop thinking about, or talking about.

3 Compliments Men Never Get Tired of Hearing

  1. When your man does something, say “You’re such a guy”. Men like this because they want to be associated as being a guy- masculine. No man thinks of this compliment in terms of being like the other billion men on the planet. He’s thinking of it in terms of being manly and this makes him feel really good about himself.
  2. “I feel really safe around you”.   This plays into his masculinity but in a more serious way. When you say this to a man and you genuinely mean it, now he feels strong around you and like someone who can protect you. The benefits of this compliment are twofold.

First, he’s going to like you because he’s going to feel like more of a man around you. And anytime a man meets a woman who makes him feel like more of a man, he wants to be around her more because not every woman makes him feel like he’s manly.

And, if you validate him for making you feel safe, what will this make him want to do more of? He’s going to look for opportunities to make you feel safe as a woman.

3. “You’re so great. I feel bad for all the other women here because I get to spend this time with you.”

When you say this to a man, he immediately feels like the most special guy in the room. He feels important and wanted. And to the women who think that they don’t want to build a man up too much because he will get too confident and he’ll leave you….. that philosophy doesn’t make a man feel good around you. It’s a ridiculous way to act. If you’re with a man then make him feel amazing around you. It’s much better to build someone up and keep them attracted to you than to keep someone insecure around you.

Compliment men in a genuine way that speaks to their masculinity, as well as to the 90% of themselves that no one else recognizes. Everyone, including men, likes to feel wanted, needed, adored, and recognized. If you want to be treated like a queen, start treating your man like a king. Tell him often why he’s special to you and special to this world.


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