Get The Guy With THIS One Tip That Will Get Him Addicted to You

If you really want to get the guy or want to know how to be a man magnet, the listen up. We’re going to talk about how to communicate your standards to any guy and make him begging for more of you.

As a woman, the biggest problem we all encounter is knowing how to communicate your standards in a way that doesn’t make you come across as a nag, too stubborn, high maintenance, or aggressive.

Firstly, most women don’t really know what their standards are, they just kind of fly on autopilot and hope for the best. And we wonder why we end up attracting the wrong types of guys. Have you articulated to yourself what’s OK and what’s not OK for a guy to do around you? What you’re really looking for? Or what kind of treatment you expect? If you haven’t set your personal standards of what’s acceptable and what’s not, then how do you expect to attract the right kind of guys?

Most people don’t like confrontation and are afraid of creating friction so they avoid communicating their standards effectively. But communicating your standards is one of the most attractive things you can do. When you know how to do THAT, you will attract guys to you on a completely different level than any other woman can.

So if you’re avoiding communicating your standards, or if your tendency is to be passive and hide the way you truly feel, or to put up your guard and distance yourself from guys so they can’t hurt you….. you’re doing yourself a great disservice and will never get the guy you truly deserve. You’re missing out on a really amazing opportunity to influence guys and create traction.

Get the Guy By Communicating Your Standards Effectively 

Confidence is the sexiest quality a woman can have. Allowing yourself to be a passive wall flower that accepts any kind of treatment simply because you’re afraid you’ll lose the guy only serves to show men that you don’t respect yourself enough for them to respect you.

While you may lose many men by communicating your standards, the right ones will see your value and want to see more of you. No man who is worth your time and love would ever allow you to treat yourself like a door mat. Men are highly attracted to confident women who know their worth.

Here’s a typical scenario and how to effectively communicate your standards while achieving what’s called the “Bliss Point” that a real man can’t ignore.

Let’s say that you are out on a date with a guy (your first date), and at the end of the night he leans over and asks if you would like to come back to his house. If you’re like the majority of women, you’re going to become one of two women…. and both are wrong.

The first type of woman is overly aggressive. She’s the woman who says to him, “Are you kidding me? You think I’m easy, or that I’d come back to your house for a booty call after one date?”  This type of woman creates confrontation, bruises his ego, and makes a man feel like he doesn’t ever want to take a chance with her again.

The second type of woman is a little too sweet and passive. She’s likely to go in one of two directions. Either she will make excuses like, “I have so much work to do in the morning, and I have to get up early so I can’t. But hopefully I’ll see you later this week.”  With this kind of response the guy has no way of knowing that his pace is too fast for her. All he knows is that she’s making excuses and he doesn’t feel any desire coming from her.

Or the passive woman may go home with the guy, even though it’s against her nature to actually sleep with someone so quickly. She does it because she doesn’t want to create confrontation, and she likes him and wants to be close to him, so she goes against her nature.

Neither of these approaches is effective. While one woman communicates her standards, she doesn’t create any excitement for the guy (the aggressive woman). Instead, she creates bad tension, not good sexual tension that leaves a guy wanting more. And the woman who’s too sweet and passive, she doesn’t create any sense of respect.

Get The Guy With The Optimal Sweet Spot

There is an optimal ration of sweet and salty that keeps a guy wanting more. It’s called the Bliss Point. So what is this sweet spot in communicating your standards?

The Bliss Point is achieved by being a third type of woman. She’s the woman who says to the guy, “You know, there’s a part of me that would love to go back to your house because I am very attracted to you. But, it’s not my style to move that quickly. But if you want to take me out later this week, or next week, I’d love that.”

By communicating your standards in this way you’ve started by showing attraction and creating desire. You’re also telling him your standards when you tell him that you don’t move that fast. And finally, you’re opening the door for him to step up his game. This is the bliss point. THIS is the optimal level of sweet and salty that makes a guy want more. It stops him from being satiated and makes him think he NEEDS more. It makes him think to himself, “I NEED to see her again.”

If you really want to get the guy that will treat you like the queen you are, then it’s time to step up your game and start communicating your standards and your worth in a way that achieves the bliss point and keeps him coming back for more. Get him addicted to you.


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