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Today knee-related ailments have become one of the most common reasons for visiting hospitals. With changing lifestyles, erratic work life and lack of proper healthcare routine, the problem has become a significant cause of concern for most.

There was a time when knee ailments are relative to the only older generation. However, today the scenario is different. Knee related illnesses and knee pain have no age or gender barrier. Nor does it have any specific causative agent.

Knee pain may not be a fatal condition, but it is one of the most debilitating problems that cause an intense, crippling effect if not treated in time. Medical science has numerous advanced surgical treatments that have been known to be hugely successful in treating knee pain. 

However, these procedures are often tricky and time-consuming besides being extremely expensive. Therapeutic management has been successful to a certain extent, but once again, it is also a matter of time and patience.

On research, it has been noted that there are a few unconventional methods and tips that can be used to treat knee pain. According to the feedback of many patients, these tips and tricks have been wonderfully successful in getting rid of their knee pain permanently.

7 Easy ways to get rid of Knee pain forever

  • Including natural pain killer in your everyday meal

There is no safer treatment than natural therapy. With bare minimal to almost no side effects, naturally available products often have a better potency than the prescription drugs. They may not produce instant results, but they are useful in curing chronic pain entirely without causing any ill effects on the internal organs.

Naturally available resources like Ginger, Turmeric, Apple Cider Vinegar have been scientifically proven to have immense anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Including them in day to day lifestyle will not only help in battle chronic inflammatory issues like Arthritic pain, Knee pain, etc. but also help in healing these pains effectively forever.

  • Low impact exercises

There are reasons as to why low impact exercises are so well recommended by physicians and physical therapists worldwide. Any activity that reduces the pressure on the lower joints and hips is called Low Impact Exercises.

low impact exercises for knee pain

Walking, Skipping and Jogging apply tremendous pressure on the lower joints causing more damage than healing. However, Swimming and cycling are considered as some of the best low impact exercise perfect for patients with knee pain.

Elliptical Riding is among the recent inclusion in the list of low impact exercise routine that has been known to be very useful in the management of knee pain. Most of the top-rated elliptical machines under 500 are compact enough to even set up at home.

  • Epsom Salt bath

Epsom or better known chemically as Magnesium Sulphate is an excellent pain reliever. Used during wars, it is an age-old recipe to hand extreme pain. Magnesium and Sulphate are both potent analgesics, and they also have anti-inflammatory properties and thus their effectiveness in battling pain. 

epsom salt bath for knee pain

Diluting a few scoops of Epsom salt in warm water and soaking the feet entirely in it for 30 minutes every day can work wonders for your Knee, ankles, and muscle of the leg. Being highly absorbable, the compound gets quickly absorbed through the skin and helps in relieving the pain in the bone joints and musculatures.

  • Regular application of hot and cold press

Though many consider hot and cold therapy useful, it is often not advised in case of inflammatory conditions. However, in most cases like Knee Pain and back pain, repeat cold and hot treatment has been known to be a very effective pain management technique.

  • Prevention is better than cure

It is best to avoid situations that can cause severe damage to the joints. One of the leading causes of knee pain is the extensive use of high heel shoes in women. Though considered pretty and a style statement, most medical professionals often advise strictly to not use high heels.

In men and women alike ill-fitted or off-balanced shoes are known to cause irreparable damage to the lower extremities. Shoes provide a buffer to the feet and help in maintaining a proper balance. What is the use of the pair of shoes if it is not being used for that specific purpose and instead for something else?

Knee pain and other joint-related ailments are often cured or repaired to a great extent when proper shoes like flats and sports shoes are used instead. There is no better treatment than prevention.

  • Keep your weight in check

One of the significant health issues that the healthcare system is fighting against is Obesity. Increased weight directly puts pressure on the knees and ankles. It is the lower limbs that have to handle the weight of the entire body. This tends to cause excruciating knee pain.

keep your weight in check for knee pain

So it is imperative to make sure that the weight distribution is not causing the disintegration of the joints. Exercise and proper diet help in keeping the weight in check and thus preventing further damage to the knees. This, in turn, helps in relieving knee pain forever.

Elliptical is perfect for light exercises, as mentioned above. In case you are wondering about the cost of some of the significant-top rated elliptical machines under 500 have customization options that allow you to adjust the distance and speed as per your stamina and capabilities.

  • Add supplements to your diet

Health supplements are never a bad option. They have been known to bring about a positive difference in the body, contrary to popular belief. Two of the most effective health supplements that have been successful in handling knee pain are glucosamine and chondroitin.

While glucosamine is extracted from shellfish, chondroitin is available in plenty in any animal cartilage. Known to be very useful in the management of Osteoarthritis, these two compounds do not showcase any side effects. 

Including the above mentioned natural remedies in the day to day lifestyle and habits may not wholly eradicate bone issues, but they can slowly heal the bones from inside. This, in turn, reduces the chances of knee pain in the future ultimately.

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JamesYoga teacher, James is a dietitian and specialist author at He likes to help people to improve their health and lifestyle. His writings on fitness equipment have been published in several journals.

Taking fitness classes in the gym have inspired him to start blogging. Besides working as a creative writer for fitness loving people, He plans to open a video forum where health and fitness conscious people can find reviews on different exercise machines.

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