How To Play a Player Like a Boss!

Ready to learn how to play a player? In a previous article, how to spot a player and avoid being played, I outlined the tell-tale signs that you are dating a player. Now it is time to turn the table and put that playa in his place.

Too many women are getting used and hurt by men who are simply playing with their feelings in order to get what they want. The reality is that very few have actual intentions of being committed or building a relationship together.

A player has one objective- to use everyone as a means to their end. They consider women as objects they need to use in order to win whatever their end game is.

Players like to juggle several women at the same time, and use their emotions to get what they want. And when the woman no longer serves their purpose, a player cuts them look like yesterday’s news.

Players are insecure little boys posing as men who have no self-esteem. They find their strength in feeding off the love and attention of women who believe in them and love them.

How To Play a Player

If you are reading this article, chances are you are either in a relationship with a player, or you have been played before. Here is how to play a player and return the favor.

Following the same rules of their game, these are the things you have to do to shut down his game.

  1. Always Answer Their Question With a Question

As soon as you suspect that you are being played, you begin asking questions, right? Well, these guys are so slick they don’t even answer you.

Instead, they turn your question into a question like, “Baby, do you think I would do that to you?” or “Did you really just ask me that?” They do this to frustrate and confuse you.

If you want to play a player, wait until he asks you a question and instead of answering it, give him more questions.


  1. Don’t Answer Him When He Texts You

Players always have a list of women that they keep in contact with. They gauge their playing ability by how easy it is to manipulate you.

They expect you to be sitting around like a faithful lap dog for their communication. Don’t play into their hands. I know… he’s sex, and adorable….. I’’m telling you- if he texts you, don’t answer.

If you want to play a player, stop answering him. Turn the tables and make him feel as desperate and confused as how to tell if hes a playerhe makes you feel.


  1. If He Asks You To Come Over, Tell Him You Are On Your Way and Don’t Show Up.

If you want your player to know how it feels to be played with, text him and build anticipation. Tell him you can’t wait to see him. Make it super sexy. Tell him you are on your way over, and then don’t show up.

When he texts you to find out where you are, make him suffer. Give him one excuse after the other and then follow it up with “but I’m on my way now.” You have been there, right? I am sure they have already done this to you.


  1. Draw Them In and Then Shut Them Down

Players enjoy playing games with your emotions. It is emotional manipulation. If you want to serve him his own medicine, you have to pretend to be his everything.

Pretend to live and breathe for him. Draw him in close and let him “catch feelings”, and once he is believing that you are the best thing that has ever happened to him, shut him down.

Shut him down the way he does to his victims. Just stop answering forever.


  1. Make a Play At His Best Friend

If you truly want to play a player, hit on his best friend. Give his bff a little lovin’. Nothing will hurt his ego more than losing one of his ‘babes’ to his best friend.


  1. Find Out Who Else He’s Dating And Make Besties With Them

i heard youre a playerIf you are the victim of a player, chances are there are others out there going through exactly what you are with the same man. Don’t get upset with the other women. Chances are they have no idea that you exist either.

The best way to shut him down is to take him out completely. Find out who else he is messing with, invite them all over to your place for drinks on a night he is scheduled to come over. When he shows up, he is in for a real shocker!


  1. Be As Elusive As He Is

Players are good at putting you off, making you think you are being obsessive and crazy, and making you feel like you are wrong for trying to get a hold of him when he has been avoiding you.

Play his game. Don’t let him label you, pin you down, or hold you accountable for anything you do. He made the rules of this game so play by them.


  1. Send Him a Text And When He Answers, Reply “Ooops, That Was For Someone Else”.

Let your player know how it feels to be cheated on, disrespected, and disregarded.

Send him a text out of the blue telling him how you have never had better sex, how he took you like a God, how massive his package is, and how you can’t wait to see his sexy ass again.  Wait about 10 minutes. Then send an “Oops. Sorry that was for someone else” as a follow up.


  1. Leave Them Hanging Publicly

Players are always making plans with several women all over the place, and they can’t seem to keep their story straight. Show him how it feels to be forgotten about and blown off by leaving him hanging somewhere.

Make sure he tells everyone that you are supposed to come, so when you don’t show up, he will know how it feels to be abandoned and to feel like a loser, like he has done to you.


  1. Show No Emotions Or Interest

What is a player’s favorite topic? Himself. They believe the sun rises and sets on them, and without them, the world wouldn’t exist.

Do not ask him anything about himself. Keep the conversation completely superficial. Don’t discuss anything of value. Make sure no emotions are shared, and no feelings are flowing from you.


Players thrive on playing on your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Show your player how to play a player and then move on to find a man who will treat you like the goddess you truly are.


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