Innate Health and Common Sense

Parenting from the Heart


When it comes to children, why would building a loving, caring, supportive, lighthearted environment work?

The way we see our children will determine how successful we will be in raising them.

If we see someone as lovable, we tend to treat them as lovable. When someone is treated in a lovable way, they tend to respond in a more lovable way.

If we see someone as mean and rotten, we tend to treat them as if they are. People feel the way we treat them, and respond accordingly.

As parents, we each have the opportunity to see our children any way we want. We decide.

Look deeply into their very nature. There lies a pure state that is natural mental health and well-being, and when this essence is allowed to flow freely, from within, unencumbered, children and others naturally behave in healthy ways.

Look at babies as an example. Until the “real world” begins impinging on their senses in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable, they are pure joy and pure wonder. Pure love. Pure innocence. No impure thoughts.

Pure joy and wonder is part of their spirit. It’s what makes them what they are. This state exists apart from any physical infirmities they may bring with them into the world. It lies beyond all that.

It’s the human spirit, and that spirit is perfection. It never goes away. Never- for any of us.

It’s always glowing inside each of us, even when it appears that we no longer have it. No matter what painful, traumatic, difficult experiences we go through in life, no matter what kind of thoughts we develop about ourselves and others. No matter how much we forget that we have it, we still all have this natural healthy state inside each of us.

It’s the essence of who we are. And it’s who our children are.

The innate health is like the seed of a flower. The seed contains within it all the information it ever needs to grow into a healthy flower. All we have to do is put it in the right environment and it will grow into a beautiful flower all on its own.

The seed is naturally programmed that way. The same is true naturally for our children.

Put children into a loving, warm, nurturing, caring, lighthearted environment and they will blossom and flourish, because it draws out what is already inside them.

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Innate Health Exists Regardless of Who They Are

I’m not suggesting that children don’t have different temperaments or mental impairments, or different chemicals within them that contribute to behavior issues. What I’m talking about is deeper than that. The human spirit itself and what it naturally brings them.

This is the best way to see our children.

Recognize the essence in them. See that each of your children really is this natural state of pure spirit, and therefore, natural mental health, well-being, peace of mind, happiness, self-esteem, and the ability to act with wisdom and common sense and do what’s best for themselves and others.

This is a god-given, innate, completely natural state. We only need to have faith and trust that it’s there, no matter how our kids are behaving.

To see this we would have to understand that no child is born bad. Kids are healthier inside than we think. They have within them everything they need to have a happy, healthy life.

For the parents who don’t believe this, if you were simply to treat your kids as if they had innate health or the capacity to attain it at any moment, you would see for yourself where it makes a difference. Your kids would feel it and respond accordingly.

No one is born insecure or destructive or disruptive or inherently with bad thoughts.

When you see your kids act out, it means that they are lost. They’ve lost their bearings or their perspective. They’ve lost touch with their spiritual essence within. As parents, our job becomes to help them find it again.

It’s our job to help draw out their health.


Drawing Out Health

Creating a warm, caring, loving, lighthearted environment draws out what’s already inside. Our children have a natural tendency to move towards their mental health and well-being. Toward happiness, toward good feelings about themselves, toward peace of mind, toward health and productive relationships.

It’s not difficult to create this kind of environment for them if we as parents are carrying it around in our hearts. Carry with you the same beautiful feelings that you would like them to experience.

When we are caught up in the emotions of the moment then we forget who we are in essence. If our child has been defying us, over time it can be especially hard to recapture those loving feelings.

Yet, those beautiful feelings never go away. It’s an inherent part of us. It might be hidden or buried, but it never goes away.

The Main Lesson About Innate Health

Since children are already pure love they will respond best when we give them love, caring, good attention, and understanding because they’re already naturally full of it. We want to interfere with those feelings as little as possible.

Where we as parents go wrong, is that we look at our children and see something incomplete, and we feel like we have to fix it. But it’s impossible to complete something that’s already completely perfect.

If we are able to calm down, we can see the child’s potential and provide a safe, nonjudgmental, respectful, loving feeling within our home to bring it out of them.

Rather than see your child as incomplete, see that there is nothing wrong with them except our own perceptions. See them with a sense of wonder. See them as a limitless, infinite capacity to grow.

We don’t have to do anything to make our kids become good kids. They already are!


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