Loving a Scorpio Woman- Why You’ll Never Get Over Her

loving a scorpio woman

Scorpio Woman…Once You Fall In Love There’s No Turning Back

Let’s talk about a Scorpio woman, which by the way is not for the weak. I’ll answer your most pressing questions about how does a scorpio woman act when in love, what kind of man attracts a scorpio woman, scorpio personality, scorpio woman eyes, and scorpio compatibility.

And let’s be clear here… the is a HUGE difference between an evolved scorpio woman and one who is not. An evolved scorpio woman will not display the negative qualities associated with scorpios. She will be in full empress mode.

Scorpio is the sign of transformation, change and death, as well as the sign of sex and intimacy. Although Scorpios have a pretty bad reputation, it’s easy to see how people are inclined to fear them, simply because they don’t understand them.

Before reading on about scorpio women in a relationship, ensure that your love interest is indeed a scorpio according to vedic astrology, not western astrology. Vedic astrology is the actual placement of the planets and the only true astrological reading. Click here for vedic astrology placements and loving a scorpio woman.

A Scorpio woman is the sexiest, most powerful, and most mysterious of the twelve signs of the zodiac. She is exotic and magnetic, as deep as the sea, and depending on her mood, as calm or as tempestuous. She is in tune with the fundamental forces of life and nature and moved by the great tides of human experience. This is one reason that loving a scorpio woman isn’t to be taken lightly.

Scorpio Personality

When people meet her, they react in one of two ways. They either come closer to find out more about her, or they get as far away from her as possible.

The Scorpio woman appears calm, cool, and impassive, sometimes even unapproachable… yet their turbulent passions and boiling waters underneath, often are invisible to others.scorpio woman personality

This woman has a well-controlled nature. For them to be out of control is to be in psychic danger. When in control, they feel safe.

The magic of a Scorpio woman is in the transformation effect they have on those who get close to them.

The Scorpio woman should never be taken lightly. They aren’t flaky or helpless creatures by any stretch of the imagination. Direct, and brilliantly sharp, she only focuses on the fundamental essence of any issue and disregards the superfluous. They like clear endings and beginnings, with no grey areas in between.

They are fearless and stubborn, and even when life gets a little tricky, they merely take it on the chin and keep going. Self-confident, resourceful, and strong, Scorpios are driven to succeed; they work hard and are willing to sacrifice anything to get to their goals.

Scorpios are brutally honest. You ask them what their opinions are, and they give it to you. Point blank. No pretense, no flattery, no diplomacy, just the plain and naked truth. If you are not comfortable with it, don’t ask a Scorpio. Because sometimes, truth hurts.

She’s not a follower; she forges her own path. She does things her way without giving the haters a second glance. She’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but those who love her, love her deeply.

Those not intimidated by her find her to be the most passionate, loyal, and real lover and friend.

Once you’ve had a taste of her, no man is ever able to forget her.

Scorpio Woman Eyes

If she desires to have you, her magnetism will pull you near. She will cast a spell with her hypnotic eyes and she will be very determined to have you. She is mysterious with a magical quality about her. She’s difficult to get close to and trust does not come easily. However, once she opens up and lowers her defenses, she expects her vulnerability to be respected and taken good care of.

Scorpio Temper

Scorpio women can be the quintessential Scorpion, who will plan the destruction of their enemy with utmost ruthlessness, and will ensure that the destruction is complete and merciless. Depending on the wrong that has been committed, she can be the Eagle, who will win over its enemy and leave the battlefield after teaching the enemy a lesson he dare not forget.

A Scorpio will only get raving mad when provoked. They are pretty chilled and easy going in their day to day scorpio woman madendeavors. If you cross a line (a line they would have made amply clear), then there’s no sparing you.

Because the sign of Scorpio is all about trust, breaking a scorpios trust is a sure-fire way to end the relationship for good. She won’t even both confronting you- she will simply disappear from your life as if you no longer exist.

When a Scorpio woman loses her temper they can be brutal. Scorpios have a bit of a reputation as being people you do not want to screw with… and for good reason. When crossed, the Scorpio won’t hesitate to exact their revenge, and like the scorpion… their sting can be extremely painful.

How To Attract A Scorpio Woman

This woman chooses her man by herself. She has an excellent intuition, and with only one look she can understand if a man is good enough for her.

She needs a strong, courageous, reliable, and noble partner who is capable of pure love. She won’t handle a weak and cowardly man. If she chooses you, feel special. This woman plays for keeps.

The Scorpio woman does not play games when deciding on a partner. If you want to be with her, you had best make that clear. She will expect you to show your desire and chase her. Scorpio woman likes to be chased. She will not chase you, she will simply move on to someone else who is ready to prove to her that she is the one for him.

What Kind of Man Attracts a Scorpio Woman?

It takes a man who can hold his own to win the heart of a Scorpio woman. Scorpios are “real” people. Being honest and open is the key to winning her respect. This isn’t a woman who wants a superhero, scientist, or NFL football player. She just wants you to be you, so open up and let her in.

It takes a lot for a Scorpio woman to trust you enough to let you in and love you. She isn’t like other signs, she will never tell you she loves you unless she knows in her soul that she does. Love to her is pure, unconditional, and all-consuming.

Scorpio women likes to be with a man- a strong-willed man. Because she is naturally dominant, she finds relief in being with a man who she trusts to take control of any situation. The challenge is exciting as well.

What she seeks is a partner who can walk the middle line– brave enough to stand up to her, yet understanding enough to let her take the lead now and then.

Best Match for a Scorpio Woman

Scorpio women have little interest in superficial connections, seeking out depth and passion in their relationships. They are immensely giving and loving, passionate and caring, loyal and unswerving. Scorpio women often favor Aries, Virgo, Taurus, and Scorpio partners.

With this woman, you want to choose your battles wisely. She appreciates a meaningful, passionate battle occasionally; otherwise she may become bored. As she matures, you will find your Scorpio woman quite reserved and oozing confidence.

She has an incredible sense of intuition and will use it to her advantage when choosing friends and lovers.

This woman can see through a person and perceive all of their hidden insecurities and motives… you may learn more about yourself than you knew before. That’s if she wants to share what she sees. She will get to know you better than you ever knew yourself.

She has a way of reading people, which can be annoying as hell, until you realize just how useful it is to have someone so inside your head that her ability to guide you in the right direction is nearly fool proof.

Your Scorpio woman is either black or white- never grey. Either you love her or you don’t. You’re worth keeping around or you’re not. This can feel very harsh, but at least you know she’ll never waste your time or harp on petty drama.

She will make you work for it, but she’s worth it.

The moment anyone else messes with you, she will be the first to come to your defense, even if she’s mad as hell at you. She might be a pain in the ass, but she has your back no matter what. And with her on your side, you really can’t lose.

Scorpio women are complex by nature, and they don’t take their relationships lightly. They will show you a kind of love deeper than anything you ever thought existed. And once that hits you, you will never be fully content settling for basic love again.

Scorpio Woman and Career

The Scorpio woman can excel at almost any occupation she wants. She might be ideally suited for the job of doctor or surgeon, scientist or leader, where her incisive mind can be used to its full potential, and her inherent strength is enough to carry her through difficult and demanding situations.

She will be effective in any job that makes a difference in the world, and her ambition and persistence will ensure that she succeeds in whatever enterprise she decides to focus on. Anyone who has a Scorpio woman on their side in a venture has a powerful ally.

She is perceptive enough to be a keen psychiatrist, psychologist, police officer, detective, or social worker, and her analytical mind is perfectly suited for research and analysis positions, especially in medical and scientific fields.

Scorpio Women and Money

To Scorpio women, money is a tool to be used, whether it be for investing and saving, or for spending. She might be one of those people who hides their wealth away, not wanting anyone to know just how much she has, or how much she owes. When it comes to entertaining, she prefers intimate dinners to loud parties, and will splurge on making these simply wonderful.

Scorpio Woman In Love

Hell hath no fury like a Scorpio woman scorned. The good news is, she doesn’t get scorned often.

In love, Scorpio women enjoy the physical part of the relationship. They adore sex, intimacy, emotional depth, and basking in orgasmic energy. Scorpio’s powerful emotional level finds a positive outlet through sex.

In an intimate relationship, you must expose your hidden self. Exposure of your true self is what intimacy is all about. In a relationship, a Scorpio is not just participating in a partnership, she is fusing with her lover. A scorpio woman in loverelationship with a Scorpio woman will be anything but ordinary…. Reaching a depth that is transformational and spiritual.

Scorpios are intense, passionate, and extremely physical in love. They will transform their lover, changing them in a way where they will never be the same.

A Scorpio can be very generous, loving, kind, and loyal. There are few people in the world that really matter to them. If they care about someone they can be very sacrificing, bending over backwards at times, proving their devotion, loyalty, and the depths of their relationship.

Once betrayed, however, the Scorpio relationship will change quickly and permanently. The best advice in a relationship with a Scorpio…. Be good to her and she will be exceptional to you. Never lie to her. She values honesty and will settle for no less.

If you’re serious about your Scorpio woman, don’t ever play mind games– have an open and honest conversation with her about how you feel.

For her, trust is everything, and something that may take time to develop. She can be very suspicious, jealous, possessive and demanding, commanding to their partner to comfort her, please her, and make her feel safe, secure, and unified in the relationship. Her magnetism is electric. Her emotional intensity is hypnotic and penetrating. Her depth is immeasurable, bottomless.

In love, Scorpio women have abundant emotional strength and courage. A sense of purpose is important to her and in love, that purpose is intimacy and union. She wants to know her partner in and out.

She loves with a fierce devotion and is deeply passionate. Once she is sure of her partner, her love will be forever, her life will revolve around that person, and she will be unendingly loyal. The Scorpio woman loves her partner passionately and will do anything for him. She will defend him to the hilt and praise him, building his self-esteem.

She’s extremely attractive so she might have people buzzing around her like flies. Although she will enjoy the attention, she sees flirting as an insult, and her loyal devotion means she will stay faithful to her chosen partner.

Once you have hooked your Scorpio woman, you will never find a love deeper than hers. She will fight and die for you and your children- even if she didn’t birth them. She can be quite domestic, but only on her terms, and she must be appreciated. She makes a great wife, mom, and homemaker. Be well aware, Ms. Scorpio will defend her family with all she has, like a mamma Grizzly.

Scorpio Woman and Family

Home and family are sacred to a Scorpio woman, and she will defend both boldly and bravely from anything she sees as an attack. Because her home is sacred, you will not even be permitted past the front door of her home and near her family unless her trust for you is absolute.

A Scorpio parent teaches her children to be independent and strong, and will always be proud of their achievements. She treats them as individuals, not as her possessions or extensions of herself- a rare and wonderful thing.

She will encourage them in all their endeavors and always want them to shine, and she will defend them against all comers if she thinks them threatened, for whatever reason.

Scorpio Woman in Bed

All hail the Scorpio woman, sex goddess! A Scorpio woman can set a room full of people on fire with just one half-lidded, come-hither look. If you dare step into her lair, make sure you have the stamina to keep up- Scorpio women are absolute amazons between the sheets.

Scorpio women exude sexuality, have healthy imaginations, and aren’t afraid of experimenting. Scorpio scores the highest for sexual chemistry with many other signs.scorpio woman in bed

Nothing brings out the extremes of the Scorpio character as much as sex. This sign is exciting in the bedroom….. iconic in her natural lovemaking abilities. The art of tantra comes effortless to the Scorpio born, as sex takes on unusual depth, laced in spirituality, erotic bliss and ecstasy. Irresistibly hypnotic with an extraordinary sexual magnetism and eyes that penetrate to the core. Scorpio can see straight through to your soul. In lovemaking, they will read your mind.

Scorpio women love deeply and intensely and require an unconventional physical relationship.

This is a woman who will expect to give and receive 100%. If you aren’t ready to commit to someone on that level, then she may be best avoided. On the other hand, if you want a sensual lover who wants your body and soul and isn’t afraid of what they may find, then these are the ultimate women.

When they fall in love they fall hard and completely, while demanding only as much as they give….. which is everything.

A Scorpio in love is quite traditional in their intimate relationship, preferring to be in committed unions. They are devoted and fiercely loyal to their partners.

Once you’ve earned a Scorpio’s love, and, even better, her trust, she’ll respect you, motivate you and excite you to new levels. She will take you on the adventure of your life, all while pushing you to be the best version of yourself. And what more could you really ask for from a relationship?

If you ever leave a Scorpio woman you will never forget her. Her love burns in your soul and runs deep in your veins. That love will haunt you for the rest of your life without her. You can try to replace her with another woman, but no woman will ever match her. You will find yourself thinking of her, comparing other women to her, longing for her touch, and loving her for many years after you have left her. If you have the chance to keep her, hold on for dear life. The Scorpio woman is a definite keeper.

Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Top 6 signs most compatible with Scorpio women, in order of most compatible.

  1. Cancer (water sign) Emotional soul mates and kindred spirits, they feel safe with one another. Scorpio provides the security that Cancer needs, while Cancer provides the devotion and commitment that Scorpio requires. This is a union custom built for long-term commitment. It’s a passionate union ideally suited for marriage.
  2. Pisces (water sign) Both have an emotional take on life that gives this couple an understanding of one another. Scorpio brings stability, Pisces brings variety and excitement. Scorpio brings passion, Pisces brings romance. Their key to success is for Scorpio to avoid being too controlling and possessive.
  3. Virgo (Earth) Both are private, reflective, spiritual, and fascinated by the tiny details of life. Scorpio is perceptive, Virgo has common sense, and both are cool and calculating in the face of trouble. Both signs are hardworking and goal-oriented. Both internalize their problems. This relationship is slow to start but can last a lifetime.
  4. Taurus (Earth) Taurus is steadfast and domestic. There’s a sexual chemistry and both seek comfort, security, commitment and consistency. Their differences can push both of them to grow, but they can also lead to fights that escalate into cold-wars.
  5. Scorpio (Water) These two have an innate understanding of one another and a two-way psychic connection. They have similar motives, interests, and emotional depths. However, when same-sign couples come together, the sign is magnified, for good or bad.
  6. Aries (Fire) A clash of basic natures. Aries is active, dominant, and needs to lead. Scorpio’s tenacious and not easily swayed. There’s plenty of sexual chemistry, but they have a fundamentally different approach to life that can bring about some big disagreements.


Best Compatibility Match: Cancer

Worst Compatibility Match: Leo, Aquarius

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3 thoughts on “Loving a Scorpio Woman- Why You’ll Never Get Over Her

  1. I’m a Scorpio woman. Reading this article, I agree, it’s spot on. I’m a mature Scorpion, therefore the jealousy and possessiveness no longer is a part of me, but definitely held true in my younger years. Now in my older years, The section about family, love, passion, sex, is deeper and more meaningful than ever before.
    Men definitely misunderstand us Scorps, but I love the part where you mention we are “definite keepers”!!

  2. I am a Capricorn man who is in love with a scorpio woman and it has been a long term relationship with a little bit of hell but the overall quality of this relationship is a great gift and it’s just making me happy to be in love with a woman who is so true. We are older now and her sex drive has become very different from what she was. I have a lot of drive but she doesn’t.

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