AWAKENING the Manifesto

Mental health. It's a problem.

But, what if there was something deeper happening?

An epic battle for your soul. A battle between light and darkness that's causing a profound pain for all fence-sitters. It's causing mental health issues as you fight to remain in the old energy paradigms. So many people are experiencing it, without understanding it- or understanding there's something we can do about it.

The Awakening: A Manifesto, the new earth manifesto from Kimberly Shukla, is your consciousness wake up call. An inciting incident that shakes you from living an autopilot, reactive lifestyle, into a conscious meld with your Higher Self and owning the possibility and responsibility to choose your life from this moment forward. To reclaim space and grace. To win this battle between light & darkness. 

Click on the image below to instantly download and read it. Then, do one more thing. Live it. 

If what you've just read resonates, please share this manifesto with those who need to see it, hear it, feel it, and be moved to do something about it. 

Kimberly Shukla

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