Olive Leaf Extract Health Benefits

olive leaf extract benefits

Guest Post by Geoff Melcher- Vice President at East Park Research, Las Vegas

Olive Leaf Extract Health Benefits

Olive leaf extract is a natural remedy that is rapidly gaining recognition among healing practitioners and patients suffering from a variety of health conditions. One of the active ingredients that makes the extract a remarkable remedy is a nutrient known as oleuropein. It is believed that oleuropein contributes to olive leaf extract’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

A Little About the Research & Extraction Process

While most of the research showing the health benefits of olive leaf extract has been conducted on animals, there have been positive results when it was tested on humans. Taking capsules or serums made with olive leaf extract helps patients suffering from pain, infectious diseases and high blood pressure to alleviate symptoms and increase the quality of life. Patients who use products with olive leaf extract also report positive effects in treating health problems not studied by researchers.

The effectiveness of this natural wonder and its ability to support the immune system in fighting disease largely depends on the extraction process. A Nevada-based company, East Park Research, has developed a proprietary extraction process that doesn’t change the chemical composition of the olive leaves. This extract is known under its trademarked name, d-Lenolate. Natural supplements and other products containing d-Lenolate olive leaf extract have been proven to have both higher potency and efficacy as compared to other extracts obtained through different extraction processes.

Olive Leaf Extract Uses & Benefits


Because it has a wide spectrum of applications, olive leaf extract is now offered to the market in a wide variety of pharmaceutical forms. Products with olive leaf extract can be purchased online or at retailers that sell natural health remedies.

A serum made with d-Lenolate is used to treat pain from arthritis, bursitis and sprains and bruises. Some have used it to relieve pain from carpal tunnel. This topical pain reliever is rubbed on the painful area of the body. It is absorbed quickly and may provide fast relief from various aches and pains. A topical olive leaf extract with vitamin E may help repair skin tissue after an injury.

Capsules with oleuropein may help boost the immune system and help people fight infectious diseases such as West Nile virus and herpes. It may also help people fight bacterial infections.

Some people take olive leaf extract in the form of capsules with d-Lenolate to lower their high blood pressure. Swiss and German scientists conducted a study on two groups of people with high blood pressure. One group took olive leaf extract, and one did not. The extract was taken from dry leaves and made into capsules. The study’s findings showed that blood pressure dropped in the group that took olive leaf extract.

The same study showed cholesterol levels decreased in those who took olive leaf extract. The results of this study were published in the medical journal Phytotherapy Today. Another study claimed that taking olive leaf extract could lower blood sugar levels.

Some olive leaf extract health products are manufactured for specific groups. Tablets for women are used to relieve symptoms of menopause. Tablets for men are made to strengthen muscles. Capsules with d-Lenolate that are easy to swallow are made for children. Older consumers may want to try an antiaging supplement to increase their energy levels and immunity. This supplement may also help them sleep better and improve their memory.

Capsules that have d-Lenolate and aloe vera may strengthen users’ immune systems. Those suffering from the flu, common colds or sinus infections may find relief from their symptoms when they take tablets with d-Lenolate. These tablets may help relieve sore throats, stuffy noses and headaches.

Consumers who are having trouble with their digestive systems have used probiotic supplement capsules with d-Lenolate to improve their digestive health. These capsules may help with fat metabolism and urinary tract health. Olive leaf extract may also lower the fat levels in the blood. A lab study showed that some types of bacteria were killed when they were placed in a solution of olive leaf extract.

People also use products with olive leaf extract to help with the health of their skin and hair. Those with dry skin or skin infections use soap with d-Lenolate. Soap with rosemary and olive leaf extract is used to relieve psoriasis and eczema. Those with weak hair follicles or dry hair use shampoo with olive leaf extract.

This is just a glimpse of olive leaf extract’s uses in the treatment of a wide variety of health conditions where it has proven its positive effect. Hopefully in the near future, the science behind the olive leaf will grow as its research base expands and thousands of patients will find a remedy for a broader scope of diseases in its wondrous healing properties.

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Geoff Melcher is the Vice President at East Park Research in Las Vegas, NV. East Park Research has studied the healing properties of the olive leaf, resulting in the development of a unique olive leaf extract formulation – d-Lenolate.

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