Want To Write For Divinity Magazine?

We will be accepting guest contributions again as of June 1, 2022. You MUST read this entire page and follow our guidelines prior to applying to write for us. 

There Are 2 Ways to Get Your Content on Divinity Magazine: 


Get your content seen on our website as a Guest Contributor. Read below for details. 

Premium Magazine

Have your best content included in our online Premium monthly magazine subscription for increased author status and a flood of eyeballs reading your content. Read below for more details. 

How To Create Content for Divinity


As a guest contributor you will be given access to the site to publish your content. ONLY content that has been produced using Surfer SEO and has obtained an 80+ grade will be published on our site. 

Once you apply, we will create a user profile for you and email you the details. 

Premium Author

In the Premium Author role you will be able to submit content for inclusion in the premium magazine. This is content that our readers pay for that cannot be found on site. 

Reach out to us and request to be a Premium Author. 

Our Strict Guidelines:

Divinity Magazine is about healthy living for Mind, Body, and Spirit. Our content falls into one of 5 categories:

Alternative Medicine & Energy Healing: (Ayurveda, Chakras, Crystal Healing, Medicinal Cannabis & CBD Oil, Reflexology, and Mental Health. 

Fitness: This covers all areas of fitness including work out routines. 

Food, Nutrition & Weight Loss: (Clean eating, Detox, Diets, Epigenetics, Fat burning, Weight Loss, Intermittent Fasting, Keto, Nutrition, Superfoods, and Meal plans. 

Natural Health: (Healing herbs, Organic gardening, Living holistically, Natural and holistic remedies). 

Relationships/Spirituality: (Parenting, Dating/Marriage, Spirituality (and relationship with Self), Manifestation, and Twin Flames). 

Writer's Guidelines:

You must adhere to the guidelines and user agreement before we will consider your work. Any violation of these guidelines will have your content removed from our site and access removed.

Divinity Magazine isn't a bulletin board- we're a publication viewed by global readers. We only publish original work. Your submission cannot be published anywhere else online.

Suggested word count for online content is between 2,000- 2,500 words.

Images should be high-quality, royalty free, minimum 600x600 pixels, and related to your content. This is a magazine website, be sure to create attention-grabbing headlines for your content. 

Articles must be created with Surfer SEO and optimized to a score of 80 or above

By submitting your content, you give Divinity Magazine "use rights" in perpetuity. This means "forever". That said, you can use your edited and published article with credit and link back to our site in any publication that you own or control (ie: your personal site(s). 

Share your published articles on your social media profiles. The more you help share it in your personal sphere, the more traction and readers it will get. 87% of Divinity Magazine traffic is organic search traffic and social media traffic. 

How To Apply:

Choose where you want to have your content distributed: Website or Premium Magazine. 

Send us an email: writers@divinitymagazine.com. Use either "Guest Contributor" or "Premium Author" as your title. Please include up to 3 links to published content that you have written and tell us a little about yourself. 

You will hear back from us typically within 24 hours (excluding holidays). 

Welcome aboard!